aluminum free deodorant recommendations

Current Natural Deodorant Routine + Advice for Friends

If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while you may have seen my original post all about aluminum-free deodorants where I rank the ones I’ve tried. I also posted an update where I specifically mentioned what I was using at that time. It’s been a while so I wanted to share yet again. Please note that I’m a few years into my switch … Continue reading Current Natural Deodorant Routine + Advice for Friends

Makeup hoarder turned minimalist ... see inside Meredith's green, organic beauty makeup bag!

What’s in my minimalist, eco-friendly makeup bag

You know that thing where you go to someone’s house and want to peek in their drawers and cabinets and see what kind of stuff they have? In this case, I’m inviting you to look through my stuff so it’s not weird, I promise.

A little while ago I posted a picture of my make up bag on Instagram and you wanted to see what was inside. Ask and you shall receive, friends. I love talking about this topic, as you’ll see from this extensive and rambling post. Hope you enjoy it!

Minimalist, eco-friendly and organic makeup collection

I have always loved playing with makeup and used to have a huge make up collection. While I did use many of the items regularly, I often fell into the trap of buying something new as a pick-me-up or believing that “this lipstick will change my life/mood.” 

I got into the habit of buying things that I thought were cute but I knew deep down weren’t my style. I bought things for some future Meredith that didn’t exist yet. I imagined future Meredith wearing a particular lipstick shade to some fabulous event or occasion that never came. Even when I was going to a fabulous event or occasion (or out on a date night), I wore the colors and products that I felt comfortable and pretty in, not the colors that were more adventurous and theatrical. Most of my collection didn’t fit into how I actually used make up.

Once I got really serious about minimalism, downsizing and using a capsule wardrobe for my clothes, the mentality of streamlining to the things that you really love and use spilled over to my cosmetics too.

My go-to minimal face now is concealer, brows, curled lashes (and mascara if I want more definition or extra awake-ness.) Or I go makeup-free. If I’m going anywhere, or I just feel like it…#becauseselfexpression, I do get myself a bit more dolled up.

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Fair trade fashion on sale

Affordable, ethical fashion from Love Justly

*This post is in partnership with Love Justly. All opinions are my own and all content is original to 

When I’m curating my more minimal wardrobe, it is actually much easier to be more conscious about the new items I add. Like many areas in my home, minimizing and decluttering my closet freed up headspace for more important things: like being more curious and conscious about where, how and by whom my clothing was made.

I avoid buying from “fast fashion” stores because of the toll on the people and land, but also because it’s my experience that the pieces don’t last.

How many times did I wash something once only to find a hole or rip? No more. Now I buy a lot of my clothing and other items in my home second hand. When I’m buying something new, I look for ethically made clothing and accessories, meaning the people and environment were treated well in the production of the item. When I found the site Love Justly, I was impressed by the selection and prices. If you’re looking to add some pieces to your wardrobe, it’s definitely worth starting there.

psst: One of my readers will win a $50 gift card (!!!) to shop for discounted fair trade clothing and jewelry on! Read to the bottom to find out how…

Where to buy affordable, ethical and fair trade fashion

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plastic free eco friendly water bottles - review and giveaway on

Plastic Free Bottles – Pura Stainless Review

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own and you guys know I only share the good stuff. Long before I learned about the concept of “zero waste,” I spent a long time slowly trying to eliminate plastic from my family’s home. No easy task in our modern times. Inspired and educated by Beth Terry and her book, and driven by my own … Continue reading Plastic Free Bottles – Pura Stainless Review

Steep Echo Olive Leaf Tea Review - Meredith Tested

Steep Echo All Natural Olive Leaf Tea Review

I enjoy drinking tea for the ritual, the warmth and the potential health benefits. I recently tried out the Steep Echo brand because their concept and ingredients stood out. Steep Echo teas are made in California using… organic olive leaf! According to the Steep Echo literature, the teas are a blend of organic olive leaf “with selected botanicals to better your body and mind and provide the health … Continue reading Steep Echo All Natural Olive Leaf Tea Review

Jord Wooden Watch Review

In an attempt to cut down on my smartphone use, I have been on the hunt for a watch. I haven’t owned or worn a watch in several years. The truth is, I have relied primarily on my phone for the time and sometimes hear that siren call and open it for a minute. Which usually turns into several minutes mindlessly checking email, social media … Continue reading Jord Wooden Watch Review

indie cloth pads for period

Why use cloth pads? + a review of Honey Moon Reusables

Reusable menstrual products were foreign and, frankly, quite intimidating to me only a short time ago. I hemmed and hawed and researched for years (no exaggeration…seriously what was I waiting for?!) until finally deciding to pull the trigger. I’ll admit that the environmental impact drew me in at first. The thought of not having to deal with tampon and pad packaging and disposal was eventually enough … Continue reading Why use cloth pads? + a review of Honey Moon Reusables

The Simply Co. Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Review

UPDATED 2018 Hi there! Thanks for visiting. I no longer recommend this product due to the actions of Simply Co. owner Lauren Singer and her business Package Free Shop on Instagram and elsewhere. On several occasions Lauren and Package Free Shop have deleted and blocked people who have tried to start reasonable discussions about privilege, representation, inclusion, diversity and supporting BIPOC. Silencing their supporters and … Continue reading The Simply Co. Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Review

All natural, zero waste bug and mosquito repellent and bug bite relief

Stop the itch! All Natural Bug Repellents and Bite Relief

Summers are many things. Beautiful, blissful, busy, sunny, yes. And in Vermont, they come with a side of bug bites. Mosquitoes the size of small birds lurk near my house (1 block from Lake Champlain), ready to strike as I move past. I am one of those bug-attracting people. As a child I went to the doctor once, covered head-to-toe in quarter-sized and larger red … Continue reading Stop the itch! All Natural Bug Repellents and Bite Relief

The all natural ways I am healing my skin

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’ve been experiencing an out-of-character bout of acne the last few months. THE BACKSTORY: I can’t be 100% certain but a variety of factors (isn’t it always a combination of things?) lead to my skin breaking out. One was that I was going through a hormonal change due to my daughter weaning herself from … Continue reading The all natural ways I am healing my skin