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I send my readers to these sites over and over again, so I put them all on one page! If you like and trust my recommendations, using my links to shop means a lot.

Before you explore this page, you might want to check out my “Favorite Things” post which includes information on specific products I get asked about most often.

Life Without Plastic*
A great place to look when you’re looking for durable, eco-friendly alternatives to household products. They have everything from food storage containers to toilet brushes. 

I try to make this my first stop when I’m looking for… just about anything (that I can’t find locally.) Buying something secondhand or from someone who doesn’t need/use the item is eco-friendly because you’re not contributing to new items being made and all the pollution that comes from manufacturing. Plus you’ll usually get a great deal, which makes a LOT of sense (cents?) financially! Books, clothing and home items are all easy to find. If you want to make sure the item you’re buying isn’t brand-new, make sure you select Condition “Used.”

Soft Star Shoes
These are my favorite shoes. I wear them all the time. They are comfortable, durable, handmade, and go with everything in my closet. FYI – Soft Star no longer has an affiliate program so I don’t get credit for your purchases anymore, but I still whole-heartedly recommend this brand for men, women and children. 

I shop on Etsy for everything from reusable cotton produce bags to reusable menstrual pads. You can also find organic cotton baby onesies or shampoo bars. Or awesome zero-waste chapstick and lotion. There are so many skilled artists and makers on Etsy, you can pretty much find anything you need to make your home more eco friendly. Great for gifts, too!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by what you can find at Target and Target.com. Everything from zero waste friendly skincare and organic cotton baby clothes to natural stoneware baking pans and glass food storage container sets are available at great prices. Please note that in my experience their shipping materials tend to be on the more minimal side, though you will likely end up with some plastic packaging. I reuse shipping materials myself or bring to my local UPS shop for them to reuse.

Figure 8 Maternity 

Check out my maternity wardrobe post for more of my advice on how to shop for this time of life. I am a fan of buying secondhand, but I also probably bought more new stuff for the pregnancy/nursing phases in my life than any other. Your body is going through a lot and comfortable clothing that works is key. This store is where I’ve purchased 90% of the maternity/nursing items in my closet. Particularly Boob Design, which I live in for pregnancy and nursing. Figure 8 selection is wonderful, they host regular sales and their customer service is great.

Sweetbottoms Baby*
This site has a great selection of cloth diapers and other items for babies and moms. They offer fast, free shipping (over $25) and very minimal packaging. It is run by moms and they have always been really receptive to my requests for less packaging. This site is absolutely my go-to destination for cloth diapering items and other baby products. Check out my cloth diapering set-up post to see exactly what I use and recommend.

Geffen Baby (Cloth Diapers)
I am very loyal to Geffen Baby cloth diapering products. I recommend this brand to anyone who asks me about my “must have” cloth diapers. The quality and effectiveness of Geffen Baby absorbers cannot be beat. Their products are on the expensive side but are incredibly high quality and tend to hold a good resale value.

Shopping secondhand is better for the earth and your wallet. I try to go to local consignment and thrift stores first when I’m looking for new clothing for myself or my daughter but I like the convenience of shopping online at thredUp, too. Shop through my link and you’ll get $$ off your order. 

This is a go-to spot for lower-priced organic food, skincare and other home items. I recommend this site to anyone who is starting out on their journey to a more eco-friendly, non-toxic life and is looking for lower prices and a one-stop shop. I find their prices to be the comparable or slightly lower than the prices at my local natural food stores for most things, but with regular sales and stackable coupons, you can end up saving quite a bit. Vitacost does tend to package anything liquid in a plastic bag and possibly plastic tape, but otherwise I find their shipping packaging to be pretty eco-friendly (think cardboard, kraft paper, etc.) 

From reusable Straws to plastic free dish brushes, Amazon is a one-stop shop. While I don’t tend to like their overzealous shipping packaging, I do shop on Amazon myself. I really do get the draw – Amazon has quick shipping and sells almost everything under the sun. However, I recommend seeing if you can find what you’re looking for via my other links above first. You might be surprised to find better prices and comparable/free shipping elsewhere. For example, I often find that cloth diapers and related items are the same price or less on Sweetbottoms Baby versus Amazon. And Target.com offers free shipping over $25 on almost everything. When my family does place an order from Amazon, I always select “in as few shipments as possible” to limit materials used. Also I either reuse the shipping materials or bring them to a local shipping store (like UPS) for reuse. 

Looking for something eco-friendly, plastic free, etc. that you can’t find at one of these links? Let me know and I’ll try to track down a good option for you. I’m always around to chat: meredithtested@gmail.com.

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