The Simply Co. Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Review

The Simply Co. was founded by zero waste leader Lauren Singer. Her blog Trash is for Tossers has been a huge inspiration for my family.

The Simply Co. detergent packaging is beautifully zero waste in a glass cylinder with a metal lid. The box is cardboard and the packing materials were brown paper. It’s simply…elegant.

The jar holds 30oz of product and each load takes 1 or 2 tablespoons of powder. If you only use one scoop every time, you could potentially get 60 loads of laundry from one jar. The price per load may not work for some individuals or households, but I for one like supporting a business that pays such excruciating detail to every aspect of their production to keep it as low-waste as possible.

The Simply Co Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Review on

I got the lavender scent and it’s really heavenly. I’m not a huge fan of lavender (but my husband is, hence my selfless choice) but this is subtle and nice smelling. It doesn’t smell like the horrendous lavender hand soap my husband used to force on us. Ha yes I’m being slightly dramatic. It just smells fresh and not purfume-y.

The Simply Co. detergent works well to clean clothing and other household cloths. We use cloth napkins, tissues, “un-paper” towels and we aren’t afraid to get them dirty. This product did a good job of taking stains out and leaving our items soft and clean.

The jury (the jury being me and my husband) is still out on whether this is a good fit for washing cloth diapers. My first impression is that it wasn’t strong enough even at the higher “dose” of two scoops recommended on the package. I am going to stick with a wash routine and detergent that I know is excellent for my diapers/my water/my washing machine. If cloth diapering families out there really want me to put this further to the test, let me know in the comments and I’ll do more experimenting.

The bottom line: I think this detergent is awesome for someone who is conscious about the environment and their personal health. There’s no yucky unhealthy stuff for you or our planet. For someone who doesn’t want to/doesn’t have time to make their own detergent, this could be a great option. Order here.

6 thoughts on “The Simply Co. Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Review

  1. I’m curious to hear your verdict about cloth nappies! I’ve tried several natural detergents and always come back to Tide to get them really clean, for better or worse :-/

    • Alright, I’ll try some more experimenting 🙂 My guess is that for most people, depending on their water type, they’ll have to add something else like Borax. We use Tide powder on our diapers, too. 😦 We’re getting new appliances this Fall – HE stacked washer/dryer – and I’m excited but nervous about changing my wash routine. So funny how intense we can get about our cloth diapers!

  2. Interested in hearing how cloth diapers with the HE & this simply co detergent has gone!! I have been wanting to switch to this brand, but we cloth diaper and would love to use this on them too…

    • First, we don’t have our HE washer installed yet. The machine that came with the house we bought isn’t the best so long story short: the Simply Co detergent just doesn’t work for us for cloth diapers. I’ll clarify: it *can* work well but we have to use a lot (2+ scoops per load) and we had to mess with the # of rinses and temperature. In the end it just doesn’t work for our current machine and our water. However if you have a different machine and different water than us it could very well work! You still might have to add a bit more than for clothing though. And possibly add a rinse.

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