The Simply Co. Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Review

UPDATED 2018 Hi there! Thanks for visiting. I no longer recommend this product due to the actions of Simply Co. owner Lauren Singer and her business Package Free Shop on Instagram and elsewhere. On several occasions Lauren and Package Free Shop have deleted and blocked people who have tried to start reasonable discussions about privilege, representation, inclusion, diversity and supporting BIPOC. Silencing their supporters and … Continue reading The Simply Co. Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Review

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The “Going Green” Tag

I was tagged by Amy from Disguised By Zebras to complete a quick questionnaire about “Going Green.”  Here are my answers – hope you enjoy! 1. What started it all off for you? I’ve always had a lot of passion for the environment thanks to my environmentalist parents, but like several other bloggers answering this tag, most of my big changes started with food. I … Continue reading The “Going Green” Tag

Friday Finds: 2/21/2014

Hey, hey! It’s Friday! Let’s welcome the weekend by checking out some cool stuff: Just came across this lovely e-commerce site Moorea Seal. Everything’s made in America and they support charities with every order. I’m sold. A few examples of their wares: Good advice on Navigating the Eco-Fashion World Our Own Worst Enemy: When women keep women from leading  Apparently bike lanes are not a … Continue reading Friday Finds: 2/21/2014