How to get “rich girl skin” the all natural, zero waste and inexpensive way

This post is years in the making. I’ve chased clear, plump, even-toned glowing skin my whole life. Haven’t we all?! I remember telling my mom’s friend who was a seller of a popular skincare line (ahem, Mary Kay) when I was a teenager that I was looking for moisturizing and “plumping” products. She laughed and said I didn’t need those products for decades yet. In … Continue reading How to get “rich girl skin” the all natural, zero waste and inexpensive way

aluminum free deodorant recommendations

Current Natural Deodorant Routine + Advice for Friends

If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while you may have seen my original post all about aluminum-free deodorants where I rank the ones I’ve tried. I also posted an update where I specifically mentioned what I was using at that time. It’s been a while so I wanted to share yet again. Please note that I’m a few years into my switch … Continue reading Current Natural Deodorant Routine + Advice for Friends

All natural, zero waste bug and mosquito repellent and bug bite relief

Stop the itch! All Natural Bug Repellents and Bite Relief

Summers are many things. Beautiful, blissful, busy, sunny, yes. And in Vermont, they come with a side of bug bites. Mosquitoes the size of small birds lurk near my house (1 block from Lake Champlain), ready to strike as I move past. I am one of those bug-attracting people. As a child I went to the doctor once, covered head-to-toe in quarter-sized and larger red … Continue reading Stop the itch! All Natural Bug Repellents and Bite Relief

The all natural ways I am healing my skin

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’ve been experiencing an out-of-character bout of acne the last few months. THE BACKSTORY: I can’t be 100% certain but a variety of factors (isn’t it always a combination of things?) lead to my skin breaking out. One was that I was going through a hormonal change due to my daughter weaning herself from … Continue reading The all natural ways I am healing my skin

Easy Treatment for Dry, Itchy Scalp

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I have scalp psoriasis that’s almost entirely controlled by my diet but I occasionally get some discomfort and itchiness. Here are the two all natural, DIY treatments that help keep my hair and scalp healthy and comfortable.

First, I keep a glass spray bottle filled with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (50/50 ACV and distilled water) in my shower. No need to go out and buy a glass spray bottle (they can be hard to find, and pricey!) … just screw a spray trigger onto your apple cider vinegar bottle! The bottle openings are the perfect size. Mind. Blown.

After shampooing and conditioning (or sometimes after shampooing but before applying conditioner), I spray the mixture onto my hair as well as concentrating a few sprays directly onto my scalp by parting my hair in a few places around my head. I let it sit on my scalp for a few minutes before rinsing out. I do this every time I wash my hair, which is about twice a week. It helps calm any itchiness and redness. (Not surprising since it also works this way on bug bites!)

Secondly, about every other week I apply this oil treatment before I get in the shower:

Easy recipe for anti-dandruff scalp treatment


Continue reading “Easy Treatment for Dry, Itchy Scalp”

Greenwashing and feeling duped

Have you ever felt “duped” by a company or product claiming to be green, clean and healthy? In my journey to live a healthy, happy life I have become more mindful and careful about labels and ingredients — in my skincare, makeup, food. But sometimes, if I’m in a rush/tired/generally feeling meh, I make mistakes. Like that time a few years ago when I asked … Continue reading Greenwashing and feeling duped

Green Living Giveaway! {Closed}

{This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been notified. Thanks to everyone for entering!} Over the past few years I’ve gotten serious about healthy eating, paying attention to the potentially harmful ingredients all around me from makeup and skincare to plastic food containers. I started buying fewer high-quality clothing and other goods that will last versus lots of fast fashion or disposable items. … Continue reading Green Living Giveaway! {Closed}

Stock Your Cabinets: Common Ingredients for Do-It-Yourself Recipes

Avoid DIY-ntimidation by stocking your pantry with a few simple ingredients. Start with one or two and build from there. While I’ve dabbled with some different DIY beauty and skincare recipes, here are the ingredients I come back to over and over again to use mostly on their own and sometimes in combination. …You might already have a lot of these in your cabinets, score! Coconut … Continue reading Stock Your Cabinets: Common Ingredients for Do-It-Yourself Recipes

aluminum free deodorant review

Meredith Tested: Deodorant Update

If you’ve checked out my big post all about aluminum-free, natural, non-toxic deodorants, you know that some are really great and some are barely functional. There’s a wide range of products on the market, so how do you choose? I start with the ingredients and look at reviews. I also research the company, where the product is made and if I’ve tried or liked anything else from … Continue reading Meredith Tested: Deodorant Update

Ursa Major Green Beauty Skincare Review, Body Lotion, Body Wash

Meredith Tested: Ursa Major Body Wash & Body Lotion

HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Want to hear about some brand-new stuff from Ursa Major? Yeahhhh you do. Listen, you have a lot of choice when it comes to what takes up the valuable real estate in your shower. I’ll be honest: most of the spots in mine are revolving all the time because I love testing new stuff out. Yeah I know you’re shocked. Not. … Continue reading Meredith Tested: Ursa Major Body Wash & Body Lotion