Chia Flax Crackers – Gluten Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Zero Waste Friendly

These crackers are on heavy HEAVY rotation at our house. I’ve been into making my own crackers since… well, since I discovered that you can make your own crackers so easily. Seriously though, whether you’re gluten free or gluten-full, I highly recommend making crackers at least once. Shout out to this recipe for introducing me to the ease of gluten-free cracker making. This new recipe … Continue reading Chia Flax Crackers – Gluten Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Zero Waste Friendly

Sweet Potato Muffin Tops

These zero-waste muffin top cookies are toddler (and baby, if you omit the honey) approved. We try to keep these as more of a dessert treat in our house but they would also be great for breakfast or a snack on the go. Sweetness comes from banana and dried fruit instead of sugar, though you can add honey for an extra sweet kick. I usually … Continue reading Sweet Potato Muffin Tops

Zero waste paleo gluten free granola recipe

Zero Waste Paleo “Granola” Recipe

It’s heeeere!

When I asked you on Instagram if this recipe needed to be revealed to the world, there was a resounding “yes!” response. Not one to disappoint you guys or save a good thing only for ourselves, here we’re sharing this easy recipe that’s on heavy rotation at our house.

I was really getting into eating granola after my second daughter was born. There’s just something about this simple, delicious and highly customizable treat after you’ve had a baby. I craved granola after my oldest was born, too.

My husband, however, isn’t a fan of traditional oat-based granola, so he developed this recipe based on several others he’s tried over the years, primarily one by the wonderful Paleo Cupboard. This grain-free granola is a great choice if you’re like him and don’t like “normal” granola, or if you are avoiding grains. This is esentially a trail mix gone to the next level with flavor and texture. We eat this granola treat as a snack by the handful – my toddler loves it, too – or on top of yogurt.  Or you could even sprinkle it as a boost on top of cereal and milk, which is how my parent’s always enjoyed granola when I was a kid.

How to make grain-free, zero waste granola

How do we make this paleo granola recipe “zero waste?”

We buy all of these ingredients in the bulk or loose bins at our local health food store. Yes, everything from maple syrup and shredded coconut to raisins and salt. We get coconut oil and vanilla extract in glass packaging. Make your own vanilla extract if you can, though! Easy and inexpensive.

If you don’t have access to bulk bins or the prices aren’t as good as what you can get in packaging (it happens! It’s silly/ridiculous, but true), try to get the largest container or bag your budget allows.  This might be especially true for nuts and seeds. Your packaging to product ratio will be lower (meaning, you’ll still be reducing your overall waste) when you get a larger size. Share with a friend if that’s better for your needs and budget.

We can get nuts and seeds for a good price at our local health food store and in the exact amounts we need, but if we couldn’t we’d try to find them first in plastic-free packaging and then we’d get in the largest quantity we could reasonably afford and store. You know I rave about getting spices in bulk for the cost savings alone so if that’s the only thing you track down in bulk for this recipe, I’ll be psyched!

Now onto the main event! Get the ingredient list and full instructions on how to make this tasty nutty granola.

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Steep Echo Olive Leaf Tea Review - Meredith Tested

Steep Echo All Natural Olive Leaf Tea Review

I enjoy drinking tea for the ritual, the warmth and the potential health benefits. I recently tried out the Steep Echo brand because their concept and ingredients stood out. Steep Echo teas are made in California using… organic olive leaf! According to the Steep Echo literature, the teas are a blend of organic olive leaf “with selected botanicals to better your body and mind and provide the health … Continue reading Steep Echo All Natural Olive Leaf Tea Review

What do you actually need in your kitchen? Start with these five kitchen essentials -

Minimalist Kitchen Essentials

Unlike wardrobe essentials that cannot possibly work for everyone on the planet, there are a few things that I think every kitchen needs. This list is zero waste-friendly and plastic-free. Skip all the plastic crap that will break sooner than later and get good-quality, versatile pieces that will last a long time. Materials to look for: bamboo, wood and metals. If you think “good quality” … Continue reading Minimalist Kitchen Essentials

Zero Waste Whole 30 Recipes

My husband and I are currently in the middle of a Zero Waste Whole 30. We’re trying to complete the challenge without producing very much landfill or food waste. First check out my tips on how to shop for a Whole 30, zero waste style. Once you figure out which stores in your area will allow you to bring your own bags and containers, you can … Continue reading Zero Waste Whole 30 Recipes

Zero Waste Butter?

My husband and I cook with butter (and ghee) quite a bit. We love to cook and make almost everything at home and I’m not ashamed to admit: butter is a staple. In this way we’re very much like Bea, one of the leaders of the zero waste home movement. She famously (at least to me!) re-used her family’s butter wrappers from one year for a huge art piece.

Butter options for people going zero waste

Here are the zero waste/less waste/package-less butter options that I’ve found:

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Reduce your trash and food waste during your Whole 30 with these 10 tips!

Whole 30 Grocery Shopping…Zero Waste Style

This post contains affiliate links.

Today we’re shopping for a Whole 30, but this is how we grocery shop all the time to reduce our household garbage. These ten tips will help you reduce the amount of food packaging you bring home … and then have to throw out.

Read about the “Zero Waste Whole 30” I’m doing this month here.  Yes, I’m doing another Whole 30. I know. But it’s because I love it. #cantstopwontstop

To find local stores in your area that have a bulk section, visit the Zero Waste Home Bulk App (mobile and desktop-friendly.)

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Complete a Whole 30 with Meredith and learn how to reduce your food waste and garbage!

#ZeroWasteWhole30 Starts May 1, 2016 – Join Me!

Join me for a May Whole 30 … zero waste (or low waste) style!  You do not have to commit to zero waste to join in. Let’s support each other through a Whole 30 and share ways that we can reduce our waste throughout. I’m doing a Whole 30 starting May 1, 2016. Join me and let’s share our favorite tips, recipes, and ways to complete … Continue reading #ZeroWasteWhole30 Starts May 1, 2016 – Join Me!

Sweet potato flour pizza dough flatbread recipe

Gluten Free Flatbread/Pizza Dough Recipe

This is totally grain free and gluten free. And since I purchased all of the ingredients packageless*, it produces zero landfill waste too. Okay so there’s a lot of things it isn’t but there’s one thing it definitely is (in my totally humble opinion): totally delicious. If you’re used to gluten-full dough this might be a little denser than what you’re used to but I … Continue reading Gluten Free Flatbread/Pizza Dough Recipe