Steep Echo Olive Leaf Tea Review - Meredith Tested

Steep Echo All Natural Olive Leaf Tea Review

I enjoy drinking tea for the ritual, the warmth and the potential health benefits. I recently tried out the Steep Echo brand because their concept and ingredients stood out.

Unique gift idea Steep Echo Olive Leaf Tea

Steep Echo teas are made in California using… organic olive leaf!

According to the Steep Echo literature, the teas are a blend of organic olive leaf “with selected botanicals to better your body and mind and provide the health benefits of olive oil without the fat.”

Now, I’m a huge fan of olive oil in any form (because, let’s face it, fat is awesome) but I like that this gives people another way to get some of the benefits of that magical olive tree if they’re not as keen on fat as I am.

I tried all of the blends and my favorite was Ascent, made with vanilla, cinnamon, and monk fruit flavor (which provides some sweetness). My flavor preference on all of the teas were to steep for only a couple of minutes to avoid a stronger brew that diminished the delicate flavors.

To me, Steep Echo teas just seem …special. An everyday treasure that greets you with cheer each time you open your pantry or cabinet door. They would make a nice gift, even for the minimalist or aspiring minimalist/avid declutter-er in your life. They are pretty, unique and… consumable. Meaning, your recipient will enjoy the gift while it lasts but it doesn’t necessarily have to live in their home forever.

Now, there is a lot of packaging but the outer boxes are meant to be re-used. In fact, you can just buy the ‘refills’ on the website, as in the bags of tea instead of the whole shebang. I do wish the inner bags were made of paper so they could be composted like the tea bags inside, but they are nice looking and I’m sure designed to keep the tea fresh.

Disclosure: I received the Steep Echo tea line via their PR reps to test out for the purposes of this review. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and I only talk about products I personally enjoy. I thought my readers might find this review helpful and I’m glad to be able to share it. 

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