Makeup hoarder turned minimalist ... see inside Meredith's green, organic beauty makeup bag!

What’s in my minimalist, eco-friendly makeup bag

You know that thing where you go to someone’s house and want to peek in their drawers and cabinets and see what kind of stuff they have? In this case, I’m inviting you to look through my stuff so it’s not weird, I promise.

A little while ago I posted a picture of my make up bag on Instagram and you wanted to see what was inside. Ask and you shall receive, friends. I love talking about this topic, as you’ll see from this extensive and rambling post. Hope you enjoy it!

Minimalist, eco-friendly and organic makeup collection

I have always loved playing with makeup and used to have a huge make up collection. While I did use many of the items regularly, I often fell into the trap of buying something new as a pick-me-up or believing that “this lipstick will change my life/mood.” 

I got into the habit of buying things that I thought were cute but I knew deep down weren’t my style. I bought things for some future Meredith that didn’t exist yet. I imagined future Meredith wearing a particular lipstick shade to some fabulous event or occasion that never came. Even when I was going to a fabulous event or occasion (or out on a date night), I wore the colors and products that I felt comfortable and pretty in, not the colors that were more adventurous and theatrical. Most of my collection didn’t fit into how I actually used make up.

Once I got really serious about minimalism, downsizing and using a capsule wardrobe for my clothes, the mentality of streamlining to the things that you really love and use spilled over to my cosmetics too.

My go-to minimal face now is concealer, brows, curled lashes (and mascara if I want more definition or extra awake-ness.) Or I go makeup-free. If I’m going anywhere, or I just feel like it…#becauseselfexpression, I do get myself a bit more dolled up.

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The all natural ways I am healing my skin

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Greenwashing and feeling duped

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Meredith Tested: Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation

A while ago I was on the hunt for the much-applauded Vapour concealer stick but as my color was out of stock*, I opted for the Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation (stick) instead. I’ve been testing this out for about a year and here’s what I think. First, this foundation is pricey at $40 (website now says $44, I might have an older version … Continue reading Meredith Tested: Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation

Green Living Giveaway! {Closed}

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New Mom Makeup

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Drugstore Finds: Non-toxic Beauty and Skincare

((EDIT: Hello! It’s Meredith, dropping in to say that there might be products on this page that I no longer use or recommend due to sneaky ingredients that may be unhealthy or potentially toxic. Companies change their ingredients and formulas, so for the most up-to-date information, please feel free to send me a message on Twitter, Instagram or email. You may also want to download … Continue reading Drugstore Finds: Non-toxic Beauty and Skincare

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August Goodebox Review

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