Meredith Tested: Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation

A while ago I was on the hunt for the much-applauded Vapour concealer stick but as my color was out of stock*, I opted for the Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation (stick) instead. I’ve been testing this out for about a year and here’s what I think.

First, this foundation is pricey at $40 (website now says $44, I might have an older version than what’s currently on the Vapour site. Or I might just have a bad memory…). You get quite a bit of product in the tube and a little goes a long way. According to the company, the products are made without water or other fillers so that’s why they’ll last a long time.

I remember in my drugstore-foundation buying days thinking a $14 or $15 foundation was overpriced. Though, I may have had a point. The unhealthy ingredients did nothing for my skin (and possibly harmed it) and I’d typically have to use a lot of product and touch up during the day to get the coverage I wanted. So maybe $15 was too much to spend.

I like the coverage (I’d say medium, buildable to almost full) with a glowy finish. No surprise here due to the word “Luminous” in the product’s name. I have to use a translucent powder (or arrowroot powder, I just discovered! More on this revelation later…) on top in order to see any staying power. The moisturizing properties are what drew me to this product as I have thirsty skin but it’s also a downside – without powder on top, the product breaks up around my nose and on my chin quite quickly. Well-moisturized and exfoliated skin is also key because this product, like many natural foundations, tends to cling to dry spots.

Don’t let all of these caveats turn you away, however. I find this product to be lovely and versatile, and I reach for it often. I swipe a few stripes on my face and buff in with a brush for a nice coverage. I am not surprisingly in the lightest shade, 90. I also own 100 for my “darker” (ha!) summer days. Depending on the state of my skin, especially the texture, I often finish up blending this into my skin with some pounces with my Beauty Blender, to be truly high maintenance. But also happy with the end result! I’ve also applied successfully with fingers, but it surprisingly takes a bit more time than with a brush and with a one year old, I usually go with what’s faster.

And now… photos of my face! I am standing in front of a window (not direct light, though, the windows are covered with sheer-ish drapes,) but these photos are not filtered. My skin isn’t 100% clear right now, ughhh, but the silver lining is that you get to see what this foundation does to cover spots. Yay silver linings! Boo spots.

Here’s my completely bare face (yeah, lies: I filled in my eyebrows a bit):

Vapour Organics Foundation Review - Meredith Tested - BEFORE - No makeup

And here’s my face with just the Vapour Foundation stick in shade 90:

Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation Review Shade 90

And here I am a little later in the day with other makeup on (powder, bronzer, blush, mascara, lip but no other concealer or foundation):

Meredith Tested Organic Makeup Foundation

…yes I cropped my daughter out of the shot, I’m ruthless haha.

From the Vapour website:

Vapour packaging is made from recycled content and is recyclable. Sticks are made from recycled aluminum and are recyclable. Unit boxes are made in the USA at a wind powered plant from managed forest and post-consumer paper waste and printed with vegetable ink.

*I purchased mine at Salon Cruz in Burlington, VT. The staff wasn’t the most knowledgeable about the products but I got enough info to make a purchase. Their range of organic, green, non-toxic makeup is impressive (Kjaer Weis, RMS, Ilia, and more last I checked) so I will definitely be back! It’s one of the only places in my area that I can actually see these kind of products up close.

xo, Meredith

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