Cloth diapering and cloth wipes

Meredith Tested: Cloth Baby Wipes

Let’s get right to the good stuff: get my #1 recommended cloth wipes here. *

My daughter has been cloth diapered since she was a few days old. I was hooked when that first cloth diaper caught an epic and disgusting newborn poo with no leaks – after days of experiencing “diaper blow-out” and leaks galore the few times we used disposables. Anyway, there are lots of great resources online about cloth diapering. So many it can be overwhelming, I know! 14 months in, I’m still really happy with our cloth diapers and they continue to impress me. Long story short, I like that cloth diapers are better for my daughter’s health, better for the environment, less expensive (WAY less if you use them for multiple kids), more effective (see story re: poo explosion above), and so adorable.

There are LOTS of great resources on cloth diapers (my top resources listed below, btw), but I haven’t found a lot of great resources on cloth wipes* and cloth wipes solutions (aka, how to get your wipes wet). So, here you go! My formerly top-secret recommendation for where to buy reusable cloth wipes, and my DIY wipes solution.

How to use cloth wipes with cloth diapers or for reusable tissues, paper towels, napkins and more!

Cloth wipes >>>

There are so many options for wipes out there – pretty much ever cloth diapering and baby company sells cloth wipes, it seems. You can also use baby washcloths. While some people may want multi-layer, I like single-ply, thinner wipes because they seem to be effective for diapering. My recommendation is TooshieWipes on Etsy.*  Affordable, effective and great quality – mine have held up well.

My other recommendation is also on Etsy – The Creekside Kid. * These are really high quality and the materials used are amazing – organic flannel, etc. They are a little more expensive up front but the quality and durability is awesome, which is great if you want to use them beyond diapering. This shop is also way more reliable in terms of stocking wipes and they have lots of other amazing cloth options from napkins to “un” paper towels.

I continue to buy more packs of wipes because we now use them as tissues and in place of paper towels in some cases. You can also make your own out of flannel or old t-shirts. I vote for the t-shirt option because you don’t have to sew the edges to stop fraying. If you’re crafty and want to sew or serge the edges, though, go for it. 8″ x 8″ is the typical size I’ve seen and it works well. Not too big or small, Goldilocks would approve.


DIY Wipe Solution Recipe >>>

In a glass bottle*:

  • 3/4 filled with distilled water (boiled and cooled tap water)
  • 1/2 tbsp (one squeeze) of baby shampoo
  • 1 tablespoon of oil
  • …fill the rest with alcohol-free witch hazel


  • To better distribute the oil, add baby soap and oil with a little bit of water to the bottle first and shake vigorously
  • Try less shampoo, oil and witch hazel at first to see how your baby reacts. Or, add one ingredient at a time to see what you like best.
  • Some moms add essential oils but I don’t think it’s necessary – plus, certain oils aren’t safe for babies so be sure to do your research.

What about the diaper bag?!

I keep a small spray bottle (like this metal bottle*) in my bag to spray cloth wipes and a handy two-pocketed wet bag* (dry/clean wipes go in one pocket, soiled ones go in the other) to keep my wipes handy to use on the go!

Confession: I now typically just use distilled water in my spray bottle with a little bit of baby shampoo or Castile soap.

* I reuse Apple Cider Vinegar bottles and add a spray top … just make sure to clean thoroughly before reusing them.

Here are a few cloth diapering sites I like:

xo, Meredith

p.s. Click here to see my whole cloth diapering set-up

*This post contains affiliate links, indicated by an asterisk. If you click my links, it means you appreciate my posts and recommendations so thank you! If you end up purchasing something, I may get a small commission.

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