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Why use cloth pads? + a review of Honey Moon Reusables

Reusable menstrual products were foreign and, frankly, quite intimidating to me only a short time ago. I hemmed and hawed and researched for years (no exaggeration…seriously what was I waiting for?!) until finally deciding to pull the trigger. I’ll admit that the environmental impact drew me in at first. The thought of not having to deal with tampon and pad packaging and disposal was eventually enough to get me to make the switch. I am now a huge advocate for the menstrual cup and reusable cloth pads.* The benefits for the earth are staggering, just like using cloth diapers instead of plastic disposables, but the fact that reusables are the healthier, cheaper and OMG much more comfortable option too is amazing. I know that we all come to things in our own time but I am sincerely bummed that I didn’t take the leap sooner. Much sooner. Like, a decade sooner.

Oh well, I’m very much on board now and love trying out new reusable menstrual products. I am currently pretty loyal to the Sckoon cup but like to try out different brands of cloth pads. There are lots of great indie and larger brands out there. Some are better than others but hopefully all of them will do their job.

I use cloth pads* for a variety of reasons and in a variety of situations, including:

  • As an extra layer of protection. I use a cup primarily but I like to also use a pad on heavy days and overnight.
  • On the day/s before my cycle starts to catch any spotting or in case I’m off with my dates. You can also put your cup in early, it shouldn’t cause any discomfort, unlike tampons.
  • As daily liners. During pregnancy or any time to deal with occasional leaking and incontinence. (Birth is magical yadda yadda but healing and strengthening the pelvic floor takes time and a lot of work!)
  • Postpartum. There can be a lot of bleeding immediately and then spotting for a while. Cloth is so much more comfortable and healthier. Lots of moms report faster healing and less pain when they use cloth pads instead of disposables. Awesome!

Cloth reusable menstrual pad introduction and review

Photos were taken after I washed but hadn’t worn this pad.

I was a member and fan of the Honey Moon Reusables Facebook Group (formerly Rumps Luv) long before I got my hands on a pad made by Karyn. By some stroke of luck I managed to visit her Etsy shop* right after she stocked a few pads and purchased a “10 inch asymmetrical moderate to heavy cloth pad.” All-in the pad cost $12.75, which is on par with other high quality pads I’ve purchased and used. Typically pads are priced based on their length, absorbency and possibly any extra-special aspects like a limited edition fabric.

It looks like the Etsy shop* is currently closed, but you can also shop her lovely products here and she holds sales right within the Facebook group so go ahead and join…and turn on notifications so you don’t miss a post.)

Honeymoon reusables cloth menstrual pad review

The first thing I noticed about the pad was how slim it was. I have tried several (maybe 5+?) different brands of cloth pads and typically a moderate to heavy designation means a little more bulk. Despite this, the pad seems to hold as much or more than other, noticeably thicker moderate/heavy pads I own.

The pad seems to be well made and is stitched beautifully. I also like the “asymmetrical” curvy pattern. It snapped in well and felt comfortable without bunching or moving throughout the day.

Don’t even get me started on the print. So so cute! The pattern or print on a cloth pad either matters to you or it doesn’t. I prefer colorful, printed pads for two reasons: First, they show wear and tear and staining less. Second, they make me happy! I’m the only one who will see these, except my husband if he’s unloading the laundry, so I might as well make myself smile. People are drawn to cloth for a variety of factors including health, comfort, effectiveness or environmental impact but they stick around and continue to get excited thanks to fun prints.

The truth is that I’ve been pregnant the entire time I’ve owned this pad but given that I’m using cloth pads daily now and the fact that I’ve tested out many cloth pads before, I hope you’ll still take this review into consideration when researching and seeking out reusable, durable cloth pads.

Do you use reusable menstrual items? Why or why not? I love chatting about this stuff. Yes, for real. Many of us in this world menstruate, so I think it’s important that we feel open to dialogue about it. I’ve felt embarrassed, annoyed and even ashamed about having a monthly cycle too many times in the past. As a parent to girls, I’m hoping my daughters will grow up in a world that attaches less stigma to women’s bodies and natural experiences.

If you are interested in trying reusable cloth pads, there are so many amazing shops on Etsy * so maybe browse around a bit and see what you can find!

Disclosure: I purchased this pad with my own money.This is not a sponsored post in any way, shape or form. If Honey Moon Reusables all of a sudden wants to send me a bushel of cloth pads, I won’t say no (ha!) but truly, Honey Moon Reusables or owner Karyn Renee did not have any impact on this post whatsoever. Except that she, you know, MADE the product I’m talking about. Affiliate links are indicated with an asterisk. If you purchase, I might make a small commission. 

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