Ditching the disposables for (healthier, cheaper, better) reusable options

Long story short: I am no longer using disposable pads and tampons during my period. During that time of the month that b*tchy Aunt Flo(w) stops by, I was going through boxes of toxic, chemical-laden/dyed disposables I found in the brightly-colored feminine hygiene aisle. In the more than six months since my switch, I’ve been amazed by how reusable menstrual options like a cup and cloth pads are not as gross or hippy-dippy (hi, Mom!) as I once mistakenly thought. I’m fully on board. They’re more comfortable, more effective and overall less expensive. Wha??!

I’d like to say I’m happy and feeling healthier (physically and emotionally) during my period so I don’t care what you do during yours. But I do. I care. I don’t want anyone to have to keep using disposables if they’ll be more comfortable with reusables.

If you’re at all curious, I wrote a post for the Burlington, VT Moms Blog about my journey. Check it out if you have a moment!

ditch disposables menstrual cup and mama cloth

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