Fair trade fashion on sale

Affordable, ethical fashion from Love Justly

*This post is in partnership with Love Justly. All opinions are my own and all content is original to MeredithTested.com. 

When I’m curating my more minimal wardrobe, it is actually much easier to be more conscious about the new items I add. Like many areas in my home, minimizing and decluttering my closet freed up headspace for more important things: like being more curious and conscious about where, how and by whom my clothing was made.

I avoid buying from “fast fashion” stores because of the toll on the people and land, but also because it’s my experience that the pieces don’t last.

How many times did I wash something once only to find a hole or rip? No more. Now I buy a lot of my clothing and other items in my home second hand. When I’m buying something new, I look for ethically made clothing and accessories, meaning the people and environment were treated well in the production of the item. When I found the site Love Justly, I was impressed by the selection and prices. If you’re looking to add some pieces to your wardrobe, it’s definitely worth starting there.

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Where to buy affordable, ethical and fair trade fashion

When you’re really mindful about your purchases for whatever reason, I think it’s important to think about how an item was made and by whom in addition to how the item looks and how it will fit in your life. I’m mindful about my clothing purchases both because I have worked hard to develop a streamlined wardrobe and I care about the environmental and human impact of my decisions. 

Love Justly brings together lots of different fair trade ethical fashion brands under one roof. In addition, all of the items are very well priced. It’s like a really well curated sale rack only for fair trade fashion. A.k.a. … heaven!

The bottom  line is that when you have a minimal wardrobe, you care more about each piece. You care where they were made how they were made, how long they will last, and of course what they look like and how they fit.

After perusing LoveJustly.com for a while (there is so much to look at!), I chose a black lightweight sweater and a long tassel necklace. A detailed description on each item’s page let’s you know where these items were made and what makes them fair trade or ethical. They fit my style and perfectly into my closet. It was easy for me to find something I loved on the site, and I think you’ll be able to find something too!

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