Friday Finds from the Meredith Tested blog

Friday Finds: April 11, 2014

Happy Friday! Oops, it’s Monday. Guess I forgot to schedule. Whoops. I’ll forgive myself & hopefully you will, too 😉 How’s the weather where you are? Some people think weather talk is mundane but given the power a sunny, slightly warm Spring day can have, I’m not below this “small talk.” Seriously – a walk around the block on a nice day can completely change … Continue reading Friday Finds: April 11, 2014

Friday Finds: March 14, 2014

Happy Friday from Chicago! I’ve left the snow of Burlington, Vermont for the snow of Chicago. 🙂 Enjoy these tidbits I’ve found interesting this week: It’s Pi Day (3.14) and lots of people are celebrating with Pie! Here’s an awesome pie recipe I’d make for two reasons: (1) adorable and mini (2) gluten free, baby! Manchester Wood makes high-quality furniture, made in the USA. This … Continue reading Friday Finds: March 14, 2014

Friday Finds from the Meredith Tested blog

Friday Finds 2/28/14

February is only 2-3 days shorter than the typical month but I swear it just ZOOMs by every year. It’s MARCH tomorrow. What?! Stop. This map above shows which languages other than English or Spanish are spoken in major U.S. cities! Cool! Because I went to UW-Madison, I have to share this: “No. Badgers.”  (and yes I’m still upset that they broke up.Waah.) Another way … Continue reading Friday Finds 2/28/14

Friday Finds: 2/21/2014

Hey, hey! It’s Friday! Let’s welcome the weekend by checking out some cool stuff: Just came across this lovely e-commerce site Moorea Seal. Everything’s made in America and they support charities with every order. I’m sold. A few examples of their wares: Good advice on Navigating the Eco-Fashion World Our Own Worst Enemy: When women keep women from leading  Apparently bike lanes are not a … Continue reading Friday Finds: 2/21/2014

Friday Finds from the Meredith Tested blog

Friday (Er, Sunday) Finds 2/14/2014

Happy weekend, everyone! Ever have a weekend that’s busier than your week? Yeah, that’s annoying and I try to avoid that situation at all costs. Here are some things I’ve been reading/watching/laughing at this week: I feel about a million miles away from New York Fashion Week but I still enjoyed this free set of emojis from Harper’s Bazaar My family loves Patagonia gear and … Continue reading Friday (Er, Sunday) Finds 2/14/2014

Friday Finds: 2/7/2014

It’s Friday again! This week positively flew by for me. Perhaps that’s because I started a Whole30 on Monday (more on that later, I promise! This is my 3rd one so suffice it to say that I’m hooked.) Coffee drinkers, unite! Seriously, look at this image straight on. Haha! (Source) Perhaps it’s because I lived in Seattle but I love the idea that huge throngs … Continue reading Friday Finds: 2/7/2014

Friday Finds: 1/31/2014

We are one month in to 2014… how do you feel? Check out fun/interesting/cool/thoughtful stuff I found all over the interwebz this week! I’m really loving this whole large-scale ethereal art trend. Up now: beaches. Well, this is one way to bring attention to garment worker struggles. Since I was a wee pre-teen, I’ve loved silly quizzes. I still love them and take them any … Continue reading Friday Finds: 1/31/2014

Friday Finds: 1/24/2014

Don’t miss out on these cool articles/videos/websites I’ve found interesting this week: If you or someone you know has experienced (or is experiencing) depression, this video is worth a watch. I just bought a spiralizer and then discovered this amazing blog (h/t to one of my other favorite food heroes, Against All Grain). Gotta go! So. Much. Spiralizing. To. Do! Learn about cute animals. Nuff … Continue reading Friday Finds: 1/24/2014

Friday Finds (12/20/2013)

Hello lovelies! For your enjoyment, the scientists here at Meredith Tested have developed this highly curated, scientifically developed list of Friday Finds for your viewing and reading pleasure. Bon appetit! This family rocks their creative, hilarious and adorable video Christmas card. Fa-la-la-ha-ha-ha! On another note, check out this idea for how to end homelessness in one year. Hint: it involves plastic bottles…Wha?? What do you think? … Continue reading Friday Finds (12/20/2013)