Friday Finds from the Meredith Tested blog

Friday Finds 1/10/2014

Friday Finds from the Meredith Tested blogWelcome to the first “Friday Finds” of 2014! I missed last week due to being one of the thousands of people who had their travel plans disrupted (to put it mildly) due to the massive snow and ice storms in the Midwest and East Coast. Luckily I was “stuck” in Seattle with family so I was able to make the most of it!

Cool stuff I’ve found this week:

  • United’s flight status website. Ok, just kidding. But this is the website I’ve been on the most the past week 😉
  • Two words: frozen bubbles. Go outside and do it!
  • As a doggy mom to one pup who has some special needs and isn’t always friendly to strangers, I was really interested to see this article about the yellow dog ribbon project.
  • As an occasional knuckle cracker (yes, I know it’s annoying so I try not to do it in public), I was happy to see it usually doesn’t cause arthritis or other issues.
  • I usually enjoy watching TED talks online but sometimes I can get ‘lost’ on the site and all of a sudden realize I’ve been watching talks for more than an hour. I recently got into the NPR: TED Radio Hour Show and highly recommend it. I now listen to the shows (via the Podcast app on my iPhone) while I’m driving or doing something else like walking the dogs, etc. I really enjoyed their latest show about Overcoming. Such inspirational stories!

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