Friday Finds from the Meredith Tested blog

Friday Finds: April 11, 2014

Friday Finds from the Meredith Tested blogHappy Friday! Oops, it’s Monday. Guess I forgot to schedule. Whoops. I’ll forgive myself & hopefully you will, too 😉

How’s the weather where you are? Some people think weather talk is mundane but given the power a sunny, slightly warm Spring day can have, I’m not below this “small talk.” Seriously – a walk around the block on a nice day can completely change one’s outlook on life, amiright? Here’s hoping you have lots of those kind of days in your future.

  • I love round-ups of cool content (hence my Friday Finds), so I loved this ‘BlogStalk’ post by Pemberly Jones.
  • EcoCult reviews three subscription boxes: VeganCuts, Hatchery, NatureBox. Do you subscribe to any of these? I currently subscribe to Goodebox (reviews forthcoming on the blog!)
  • Three words: Plantain Chip Nachos. Mmmm.
  • Have you heard of The Skimm? I just signed up and so far, I like it! It’s a daily email with a generous portion of humor that keeps you quickly up to date on the news. Aimed at US readers but I’m sure others would get value from it as well.
  • I have been away, it’s true, but I’m coming back with lots of great, informative and fun posts soon!


One thought on “Friday Finds: April 11, 2014

  1. 1. The lovely spring weather has been great at helping to boost spirits. I’m from Syracuse and therefore love discussing weather. It’s never “small talk.”
    2. I’ve never been a fan of subscription services, perhaps because I’m so indecisive and choosy about things. Can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not.
    3. I’ve recent discovered Popcorners. Yum. It’s likely not a good thing.

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