Gift Guide 2015: Vermont Edition

Oh heyyy, we’re kicking off Meredith Tested’s Gift Guide 2015! Whoop whoop! My 2013 gift guides are still available to you, as are the very few posts I pulled together in 2014. I had a needy (but adorable and squishy and sweet) newborn that frankly was louder than my blog and therefore got my attention. Ironically, the Vermont guide made the cut. Clearly I’m very … Continue reading Gift Guide 2015: Vermont Edition

ursa major skincare review

Meredith Tested: Ursa Major Skincare

Let’s get this out Of the way now: yes, this skincare is So. Major. (Anyone else hear Victoria Beckham’s voice saying “Sewwww majahhhh” in their head?)

victoria beckham so major

I geniunely like everything I’ve tried in their line. My husband liked everything, too. Reviews of each product we tried below. Spoiler alert: the first thing I’ll repurchase will be the Face Balm. Continue reading “Meredith Tested: Ursa Major Skincare”