ursa major skincare review

Meredith Tested: Ursa Major Skincare

Let’s get this out Of the way now: yes, this skincare is So. Major. (Anyone else hear Victoria Beckham’s voice saying “Sewwww majahhhh” in their head?)

victoria beckham so major

I geniunely like everything I’ve tried in their line. My husband liked everything, too. Reviews of each product we tried below. Spoiler alert: the first thing I’ll repurchase will be the Face Balm.

ursa major skincare review

Face Wash: The scent is woodsy but not overpowering. It’s refreshing and ever so slightly tingly. I used it a couple of ways. 1) Massaging into wet skin with my hands, steamed and washed off with a hot towel, 2) Massaged into skin with a damp and soft Konjac sponge, rinsed off with warm water, 3) In the shower, massaged into wet skin and rinsed off with warm water. All worked well but I liked the shower best. I think this wash does especially well if your face is steamy from the shower. Face feels clean but not tight. I needed to use a moisturizer after but my husband liked the tone & texture of his skin after using this wash and nothing else.

Face Wipes: This was my husband’s favorite product. He said it’s because they feel great and there’s really nothing else out there like it – individually packaged make them easy to toss in a bag and they aren’t “girly.” These are the ultimate fresh-feeling wipe. After the gym or on a hot day, swiping one of these wipes across your face and neck can make you feel like a whole new person. Not the best at removing makeup but that’s not really their point so I’m okay with that.

Face Balm: This was the surprise MVP of the group for me. At first I was disappointed that the texture wasn’t thick, creamy or balm-like. It’s definitely a serum texture. Also, it’s really realllly lightweight and is ever so slightly tacky before it dries. It dries matte and leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I’m used to slathering my face with oils and heavier creams so this was an adjustment but I just loved the results. I’ll still use oils and heavier creams at night (or sometimes mixed with this product) but this is just perfect to put on under makeup on a hot Summer morning.

Shave Cream: This is another favorite. Sure, guys will love using this non toxic, non-irritating, luxurious cream on their face but I used it too and loved it. Close shave and smooth legs. Another summer essential! Sign me up.

Can’t commit? Grab a sampler pack for $5 or try one of their travel-sized products.

5 thoughts on “Meredith Tested: Ursa Major Skincare

  1. Ooh, I love their packaging! And how interesting that the balm was more serum-like. I’ll have to check out this brand 🙂

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