Gift Guide 2015: Vermont Edition

Oh heyyy, we’re kicking off Meredith Tested’s Gift Guide 2015! Whoop whoop! My 2013 gift guides are still available to you, as are the very few posts I pulled together in 2014. I had a needy (but adorable and squishy and sweet) newborn that frankly was louder than my blog and therefore got my attention. Ironically, the Vermont guide made the cut. Clearly I’m very into gifts from Vermont. And who wouldn’t be? Anyway! It’s a new year and I have lots of ideas for great gifts and will be showcasing them in a series of upcoming posts.

In general, giving gifts that are appropriate for the recipient is the first goal. No matter how cool you think something is, if it’ll sit unused or unloved, that’s sort of missing the point, eh? Also, though … whoever is on your list and whatever your budget, it’s nice to spend your money on things that you can feel good about giving.

Here are some unique, fun gift ideas for your friends, family, co-workers, in-laws … and possibly yourself! Oh yes, and they all have a Vermont connection because, well, I live here and I think it’s pretty darn great. And also a lot of cool companies and people live here, lucky me.

LogoFirst things first, DO NOT DELAY! This is not a drill! Run run run over to right now and enter all the giveaways – they end in just a couple of days so jump on it! This site is seriously just giving away heaps and heaps of awesome stuff. Why? In their own words: “Our goal is to educate you with the hopes that you will get inspiration and shop local this holiday season. That’s it. There are no gimmicks, catches, or hidden agendas.”

My giveaway picks:
Hand-engraved cuff from Alloy Jewelry
Wooden travel mug from Wild Wood Vermont
Gardener’s Supply Gift Card and more
Plus these two Babywearing giveaways

Once you’ve entered all the ShopVT giveaways you’re interested in, check out the huge list of coupon codes from participating businesses. Some of them are more for local Vermonters, but a lot of them are not! There’s not much else to say except why the h-e-something-about-hockey-sticks? would you shop without a coupon when you can shop with a coupon? Coupon good, two legs bad. (Can I interest anyone in an Animal Farm reference? Yup. You got it.)

In case you need more great ideas from Vermonty folks (apparently I say “folks” now…), look no further! Actually look a little further because the ideas aren’t in this sentence, they are below this sentence. Scroll, friends!

vermont made gifts, gift guide 2015

  1. For the foodie or just the person who eats food (so, uh, everyone), give the gift of reusable, beautifully made, good for the environment but above all useful Bee’s Wrap. Get 15% off when you sign up for their newsletter. You can also buy is all over the country and online from various shops.
  2. “A pair with a spare” … genius! Pick up a pack of mix-matched socks for children or babies (two pairs + a spare) from Solmate Socks! Fun, vibrant patterns in a variety of color combinations. You can also usually find Solmate on
  3. While we’re talking about socks, Darn Tough socks are the only socks my husband wears. I love them, too. And I’m sure our daughter will be a lifelong fan, too. Super high quality, lots of designs and styles. You may think socks are a lame gift. Not these socks, promise. Possibly the best thing about them is that there’s a lifetime guarantee. Bust through a pair? Return them for a new pair. You can find DT almost everywhere, so check your local outdoors-y store, REI, Amazon, etc.
  4. Choosing body products and scents for someone else might be intimidating, but with Flourish Body Care products, don’t dismay! I don’t find any of the scents to be too overpowering, yet all the ones I’ve tried and/or smelled are pleasant. Lavender Mint is crazy awesome.
  5. I was recently introduced to April’s Maple and the Maple Crunch is delicious and like no other maple treat I’ve tried. It’s a unique topper for desserts and baked goods. Or, let’s face it, just pop a tiny pinch in your mouth. Find it at specialty food stores or on Amazon.
  6. Oh you know I wouldn’t forget my friends at Ursa Major! Check off those hard-to-buy for people with the universally-useful face wipes. Teenagers, athletic-y or gym-going people, your coworker, everyone will love them. Or pick up a set for that close friend who has everything. [UPDATE: Use code FRESH5 for $5 off your first order on!]

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