What if all red carpet beauty was with organic, non toxic makeup? Academy Awards 2016 // MeredithTested.wordpress.com

Get the Oscars 2016 Look … with Green Beauty

Even though I didn’t watch the Oscars this year, I am still totally drawn to the beautiful clothing and makeup showcased on the red carpet. Maybe it’s the theater lover in me, but I just like the whole spectacle. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the evening with organic, natural, non-toxic, green beauty product recommendations to help you achieve the look at … Continue reading Get the Oscars 2016 Look … with Green Beauty

Ursa Major Green Beauty Skincare Review, Body Lotion, Body Wash

Meredith Tested: Ursa Major Body Wash & Body Lotion

HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Want to hear about some brand-new stuff from Ursa Major? Yeahhhh you do. Listen, you have a lot of choice when it comes to what takes up the valuable real estate in your shower. I’ll be honest: most of the spots in mine are revolving all the time because I love testing new stuff out. Yeah I know you’re shocked. Not. … Continue reading Meredith Tested: Ursa Major Body Wash & Body Lotion

new mom makeup tips

New Mom Makeup

I can see the headline now… “New Mom Wears Full Face of Glamorous Makeup, Wins Award for Being Most Ridiculous Amazing Robot Woman Ever!” Hahahah. But seriously. Let’s talk about what (all natural, green/clean, non-toxic) makeup a REAL new mom would wear. Two words: skincare makeup. Two more words: SO TIRED. Okay, back to the makeup. 1. Pick a foundation and/or concealer that has some … Continue reading New Mom Makeup

Made in America Makeup Bags

I am on the hunt for a new cosmetics bag to organize my non-toxic beauty products. Who knew there were so many fun, functional, American-made choices? Help me choose, vote for your favorite below! This lipstick print bag for $24 is just so…happy! Fun on the outside, practical on the inside with a waterproof lining. Made in PA by Etsy seller handmadephilosophy. So gorgeous. $179. Designed … Continue reading Made in America Makeup Bags