I’m quitting the jar (sort-of)

Having a visual representation of trash we produce can be powerful and compelling. It can showcase just how much trash is produced by a single person or action, as is the case with these examples: 1 million disposable cups – the amount used by airline flights in the US every six hours Rob Greenfield wore his trash around NYC for 30 days A local Vermont student … Continue reading I’m quitting the jar (sort-of)

why go zero waste with a family and kids

Shots of Simplicity’s Zero Waste Tag

A few days ago, I read the Zero Waste Tag post on shotsofsimplicity.com. I write about the subject of zero waste a lot but I love the idea of answering someone else’s questions and reading other people’s answers. I wasn’t officially tagged by Christine of Shots of Simplicity, but I’m tagging myself. Put me in, coach! What got you started? I’ve always been interested in the environment, … Continue reading Shots of Simplicity’s Zero Waste Tag

indie cloth pads for period

Why use cloth pads? + a review of Honey Moon Reusables

Reusable menstrual products were foreign and, frankly, quite intimidating to me only a short time ago. I hemmed and hawed and researched for years (no exaggeration…seriously what was I waiting for?!) until finally deciding to pull the trigger. I’ll admit that the environmental impact drew me in at first. The thought of not having to deal with tampon and pad packaging and disposal was eventually enough … Continue reading Why use cloth pads? + a review of Honey Moon Reusables

zero waste

Falling off the zero waste wagon

The excuses as to why we fell off the zero waste wagon this summer are likely not that exciting but I’ll rattle them off anyway. I was newly pregnant when we moved to our new house. These two things combined to create an awkward situation. We had nothing in our fridge or, I’d argue more importantly, our freezer. I try to have all kinds of … Continue reading Falling off the zero waste wagon

The Simply Co. Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Review

UPDATED 2018 Hi there! Thanks for visiting. I no longer recommend this product due to the actions of Simply Co. owner Lauren Singer and her business Package Free Shop on Instagram and elsewhere. On several occasions Lauren and Package Free Shop have deleted and blocked people who have tried to start reasonable discussions about privilege, representation, inclusion, diversity and supporting BIPOC. Silencing their supporters and … Continue reading The Simply Co. Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Review

Switch to Sustainable with Balm! Baby and WIN amazing prizes (while you're saving the earth and simplifying your life!)

#SwitchToSustainable Challenge

As part of Plastic Free July, I’m participating in BALM! Baby’s #SwitchToSustainable Challenge … join me and you could win some great prizes while you’re at it. WHY Take the Challenge? From BALM! Baby: “Living a more sustainable lifestyle will help reduce waste in our personal environments, as well as our global environments, thus restoring a balance to our planet that is MUCH needed. Get Informed! Be … Continue reading #SwitchToSustainable Challenge

Join Meredith during Plastic Free July!

Join me for Plastic Free July

It’s Plastic Free July! Let’s celebrate! Refusing to use single-use plastics and reducing your waste goes hand in hand. The good news is that participating in Plastic Free July is pretty easy. Easier than many transitions towards zero waste, in my opinion. If you’ve ever thought “I don’t have time for that” or “I could never attempt zero waste,” this is the challenge for you. … Continue reading Join me for Plastic Free July

Kiddobloom toddler baby spoon

Meredith Tested: Kiddobloom Utensils Review

Living a plastic free, low waste lifestyle is certainly possible with a baby, toddler or kids in tow. Research, preparation, and a few of the right products by your side help considerably. Oh and a support system helps too. You have a friend in me! I’ll always tell you that no matter what, YOU’RE DOING GREAT. Even if you’re not perfect. Progress not perfection… (Are you sick … Continue reading Meredith Tested: Kiddobloom Utensils Review

Five months of living zero waste…

May was a wonderful and busy month with many highs (traveling to see my wonderful Grandma, buying our first house!!!, and wonderful times with family & friends) and just a few small lows.  Overall we’re still happy with the decision to do this “extreme” challenge and try to have a zero waste/low waste home in 2016.

It’s hard to put yourself out there, and I just want to say again that I’m so grateful for your support and help as I open my life to share our ups and downs on this journey. I’ve been dealing with more anxiety and stress recently than I’d like – probably brought on by a variety of things coming together at once like buying a house (!!), work deadlines and balancing family/motherhood/etc. I’m grateful to have this space and Instagram, etc. to chat with you and share our successes and things we find beautiful/interesting/funny/amazing/powerful. Thank you!

Here’s our landfill waste for May 2016:

Continue reading “Five months of living zero waste…”