Meredith’s Favorite Things

I’ve written this as an email, Instagram DM, Facebook message, and text so many times I thought it deserved it’s own post. I might be doing a “no buy year” but that doesn’t mean I can’t give out my advice on how to spend your cash!

There isn’t one special magical *thing* anyone needs to be more eco-friendly and reduce waste. There are easy and free ways to reduce your daily impact and use of materials. Enjoy your coffee “for here” using the coffee shop’s mugs. Say “no straw please” when ordering a drink at the bar. Say “I don’t need a bag” when buying that shirt (from the consignment shop, hopefully.)

The items I’m listing here are the reusable, durable items that my family, friends and readers ask me about time and time again. These are my tried-and-true favorite items that you’ll see over and over again in my home. I’ll do my best to update this post if anything changes, and feel free to send me a message if you ever have a question or need a recommendation on anything you don’t see here.

Beeswax wrap:

Use these on top of bowls or to wrap food instead of disposable plastic wrap. My favorites brands are Bee’s Wrap and Khala Cloths.

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Chia Flax Crackers – Gluten Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Zero Waste Friendly

These crackers are on heavy HEAVY rotation at our house. I’ve been into making my own crackers since… well, since I discovered that you can make your own crackers so easily. Seriously though, whether you’re gluten free or gluten-full, I highly recommend making crackers at least once. Shout out to this recipe for introducing me to the ease of gluten-free cracker making. This new recipe … Continue reading Chia Flax Crackers – Gluten Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Zero Waste Friendly

minimalist second baby registry shopping list

How to Build a Minimalist, Eco-Friendly Baby Registry

Being a minimalist, having a curated home, living simply or living slowly …or whatever you want to call it is totally possible once you bring a tiny human into your life. It’s also not impossible to find plastic-free, eco-friendly baby items. This post is for the real life modern family, not a fantasy list for Instagram-perfect parents. This is for the family aspiring to minimalism and … Continue reading How to Build a Minimalist, Eco-Friendly Baby Registry

Where to find plastic free, zero waste home essentials

It seems a little counter-intuitive, but for many people setting up a zero waste home requires buying or somehow acquiring a few new items. You might have been relying on plastic or disposable items and in order to reduce your trash, reusable alternatives need to be found. Everyone’s trash output is different. Look inside your trash bin and see what kinds of things you are throwing away and find reusable alternatives or ways to avoid those things.

For me, I first needed reusable cloth “un paper” towels and cloth napkins, glass food storage containers, reusable “going out” items like utensils and straws and cloth bags to use for produce and buying items from the bulk/loose bins. While I did have to buy some new things, these tools and products are “essentials” in my mind, and will be used for years.

Where to buy plastic free home goods

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Plastic-free, zero waste water filtration

We’ve been testing out this system for 6 months+, and I really like it. There are pros and cons but it works well for us so I can’t see us switching it up any time soon. The best part – besides getting nice yummy water – is that the entire thing is plastic free and zero waste! We drink a lot of water and I know … Continue reading Plastic-free, zero waste water filtration