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Holiday and New Years Party Style (The Eco-Friendly, Wallet-Friendly Way)

I love the festive feeling in the air, the twinkly lights, the hot toddies, and the fact that there are lots of opportunities to get out of a fashion rut with holiday sparkle. (Literally and figuratively.)

Get your holiday twinkle on in an eco-friendly, wallet-friendly but still wildly stylish way by (1) shopping your closet and accessories, (2) perusing second hand and consignment shops and (3) shopping second hand online from the comfort of your couch.

Holiday and New Years Party Style, Shop Your Closet
I know you’ve got a hidden gem or two stuffed in your drawers or in the back of your closet. If no gems, then some nice neutrals. That ponte knit black/burgundy/navy/hunter green dress that’s your work go-to can double as holiday attire if you add the right accessories. You’ve heard it a million times because it’s true. Make like a fashion editor for a moment and scan your accessories (yes, even the ones in the front coat closet or tucked into your dresser!) … can that scarf make a chic turban-like headband? Just how many bracelets can you stack on one arm? Go for it, wear those door-knocker earrings you love but never wear. Tis the season to pull out all the fashion stops and take a risk or two. And hey, because I can’t resist the chance to say, if you can’t even bring yourself to wear those shiny chandelier earrings to a holiday or new years party, maybe it’s time to give them away.

Holiday Party Attire, Second Hand, Thrift, Consignment

Your choices for second hand are not limited to rifling through the racks at Goodwill. Though there are some excellent finds to be had at that mecca for resale if you’re willing to look. However, almost every city and town in America (or one nearby) is home to more curated second hand shops and consignment stores. They are choosy in what they put on their racks so you’ll spend less time hunting and more time finding what you want. Here’s the secret that’s not really a secret: Second hand and consignments stores also know what time of year it is. They know you’re looking for a festive frock, sparkly accessory or cozy-yet-fashionable tunic sweater for the steady stream of parties this time of year. They may even hide and horde things for months preparing for style hunters such as yourself. Store recommendations in Burlington, Vermont: Second Time Around (STA), Old Gold, Dirt Chic or Battery Street Jeans. STA is set up the most like a typical boutique so if you’re new to this style of shopping, start there.

Holiday Party Fashion, Eco Friendly, Thred Up, Ebay

Great selection, deep discounts and by purchasing something that’s already out there, you’re not creating a demand for new clothing or contributing to the growing problem of fashion waste (both in physical waste from discarded clothing at landfills but also chemical/dye runoff and production waste from factories). It’s just like buying second hand at a local thrift, vintage or consignment shop, but from the comfort of your couch. Plus there’s a search bar! Fa la la la la! My favorite online sources are eBay and ThredUp. There are countless other sites for fashion resale popping up all the time (Tradesy and Poshmark come to mind.) Just for fun, here are some holiday outfit ideas from ThredUp. (psst, for my readers … Sign up here and get $20 off your first ThredUp order. For real.)

Holiday and New Years Party Outfit Ideas, Inexpensive, Eco Friendly

One (BCBG) / Two (BCBG) / Three (Ella Moss) / Four (Ali Ro) / Five (Rachel Zoe) / Six (LOFT) / Seven (Lauren Merkin)

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Happy shopping! xo, Meredith

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