Truffle Salt, Unique Gifts

Gift Guide: Dudes

Cool Gift Ideas for Guys 2015, Made in America USA

For all the manly types in your life. Or you know, anyone who likes manly stuff. Truth >>> I’d be pysched to receive pretty much anything on this list myself. I rounded up a great collection of USA-made, all natural, cool as f*ck gifts the men in your life will be excited to open.

ONE: This Grovemade case is high-end and high-gorgeous. He won’t see anyone else with this case on his commute or in his office. Plus it’s a cool conversation starter. Made in Portland, OR. Where else?

TWO: Manly candles are a thing now! Place this handsome vessel pretty much anywhere to add rich scent and rustic yet refined style vibes. Reuse the nice-looking, heavy container once the soy wax is all gone.

THREE: For stashing stuff. Cords, toiletries, papers, passports, miscellaneous bits that usually end up strewn about at the bottom of his backpack/briefcase.

FOUR: Burly men still enjoy a good (burly) snuggle on the couch with a cozy throw. This blanket is great for camping trips or trips to the backyard fire pit, too. This one’s from the Faribault Mills/Target collab. There are tons more options on the Faribault site if you have more cash to spend.

FIVE: Long story (very) short: Contraptions that do a lot of stuff but fit in his wallet.

SIX: Can’t go wrong with something that makes food taste good. Once you use truffle salt a few times you’ll get into the habit of throwing a pinch pretty much everywhere to add a can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it decadent flavor. Even if he’s not  an aspiring chef or grill-master, he can throw this on simple sh*t (popcorn, meat or pasta) with stellar results.

You may have noticed that I found a few of these ideas someplace surprising … Target! I like that they’re partnering with cool companies and supporting American-made, I just wish they promoted and elevated these collaborations as much as they do some of the other, fast-fashion collections.

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