Meredith Tested: Captain Blankenship Mermaid Hair Review

The Little Mermaid was one of my favorite movies growing up. Maybe it was the fact that I loved to swim and had red hair? Maybe it was the fact that I wanted to escape my life sometimes? Who knows, I still love it and my parents bought it for me on exclusive super-fancy ultra HD LTD DVD when it came out of the vault a few years ago. So basically I’m saying that I might be 30 but I still identify with mermaids. I want to one and who can blame me??

Enter Captain Blankenship Mermaid hair products. It was love at first click. The labels, the descriptions … they caught me like a … uh … mermaid in a net? Bad metaphor? Oh well. I’d come up with a better one but I’m a sleep-deprived mama to a … how old is she? Oh yeah, almost ONE!

ANYWAY, I had to try out these beauties … and try I have! Meredith has tested these products for a few months now, and here are the results:

captain blankenship mermaid hair oil

Mermaid Hair Oil

“A little goes a long way” rings true for this product. It is intense hydration. I regularly use oils on my hair and tend to be able to get away with a pretty generous application. With this oil, a few drops (maybe 1/2 dropper-full) of this oil spread through my ends is enough to make my hair tame and hydrated.

After lots of experimentation, I realize that the best results and best use of this product is when my hair is half-dry to almost-dry. If I apply right out of the shower, I might get the hydration but I don’t get the style that I want. When my hair is at least half dry I plop a quarter-sized amount on my palm, warm it up in my hands and spread through my hair, concentrating at the ends. The scent took me some getting used to and I still can’t quite identify the smell (and yes I’ve read the ingredients). It reminds me of a savory food dish that I can’t put my finger (nose?) on. Not that that’s a bad thing!

Mermaid Hair Sea Salt Spray

Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray

First, this isn’t “hair spray” like it’ll hold your prom up-do. This is a sea salt spray meant to give your hair texture. This spray has a nice rose scent and while it’s in some ways a typical salt spray that you might recognize, I find it to belighter and yet more hydrating than others I’ve tried. It may not give you waves if you have none, I’m not sure because I have a lot of thickness/wave to my hair, but it gives my wavy hair a perfect amount of hold. I apply on dry or almost-dry hair for best results.

I recommend these products for anyone with any type of hair (or who wants to gift them to someone with hair) because they seem pretty universally flattering – not drying or too hydrating so you’ll end up oily. They’ll probably help volumize fine hair and they definitely tame wavy thick hair like mine.

These products aren’t part of my daily hair routine but for special occasions — or, better yet, everyday days when my hair is just feeling ‘blah’ — it’s … MERMAIDS TO THE RESCUE!

I purchased my hair oil and hair spray from that glorious, curated, natural product mecca known as

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xo, Meredith

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