Book Review: Oh the places you’ll feed!

This book is a Seussian exploration of breastfeeding in all it’s glory – and challenges. It’s well documented that I won the lottery and didn’t have many issues nursing my daughter but this book still resonated with me. At first I thought it seemed a bit like a tale of caution – watch out, breastfeeding can be really awful! And you’ll have to do it in disgusting, awkward, horrible places! I was possibly being overly sensitive – would this book turn mothers off from breastfeeding? We don’t want that! …But that was just my own anxieties and projections coming out, I think.

I quickly realized that this is a book about solidarity, about laughing at the comical (sometimes downright ridiculously funny, sometimes kind of gross) things we go through as breastfeeding mothers. Given the attention still being given to moms being badgered and belittled for how they feed their babies, especially in public, I think this book is a welcome look at the other side of things – the realities of being a mom with a hungry baby. We are not (always) trying to make statements when we breastfeed our baby in public. We are not shouting out our opinion about the philosophies of motherhood when we choose not to use a cover when we nurse our baby at the airport (see photo below). We are not saying breast is best when we feed our baby at the table at a sushi restaurant (again, photo below). We should not have to brace ourselves for stares and commentary when we whip out our breast or our bottle to nourish our baby. It’s just … necessary.

oh the places you will breastfeed

If we’re lucky sometimes it’s also sweet, fun and funny.

Buy the book here!

This book would be a great gift for a nursing mom – especially a mom who’s been there before and can appreciate the humor and not get bogged down by the slightly scary bits 🙂

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book gratis from the author. This is not a sponsored post. I don’t share what I don’t like, blah blah, you know the drill. Opinions are my own.

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