Meredith Tested: Giovanni Frizz Be Gone

If you’re like me, you remember using that Biosilk Silk Therapy Oil a ton in high school. It was a tad expensive for a high schooler’s budget, but we loved it because it worked really well and had that yummy, distinctive smell. I got my first bottle from a wonderful aunt and then I would save up until I could get another small bottle from the salon.

I think I’ve found a pretty much exact dupe that’s less expensive and, even better, is much more natural, clean, green and non-toxic! The Giovanni Frizz Be Gone serum is a lovely texture and works well on my hair dry or wet.

giovanni frizz be gone review

A little definitely goes a long way, and on my long, wavy, thick hair I probably use a quarter-sized amount on my whole (wet) head, starting from the ends. It does make my wavy hair a little straighter, but that doesn’t bother me. I’ll use maybe a pea- or dime-sized amount on dry hair (also focusing on the ends.)

The biggest problem I have with this product is that it makes my hair so soft that I can’t stop touching it! Anyone with curly or wavy hair knows that you shouldn’t touch your hair to avoid frizz, but I find myself stroking my locks to feel the smoothness. Sounds cheesy but it’s true! I think I’ve found a holy-grail product here, folks.

Here are the Think Dirty ratings for the products, side by side:

biosilk dupe giovanni frizz be gone



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