Green, Clean Home: Part One (Kitchen Sponge)

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Welcome to PART ONE of my “Green, Clean Home” series!

Eco-friendly, safe and healthy cleaning starts with the humble yet useful … sponge. Why douse your whole kitchen with a spray with lots of extra unnecessary ingredients like fragrance when you can handle most messes with just water and a sponge? Why grab half a roll of paper towels when you can sop up more liquid with a sponge?

I bet you didn’t think someone could have a favorite kitchen sponge. Well, this sponge is pretty darn great. This sponge fits all the criteria I look for in anything I bring into my home – it’s nice-looking, works really well, is environmentally friendly, and is well made. Booyah. (Do people still say booyah? I hope so, it’s so wonderfully expressive.)

Meet the Pura Naturals Household Sponge with Scrubber.

Made from plant-based, renewable resources in the USA. Muuuuuusic to my ears. Not so much music to the ears (uh, ears?) of the messes in my kitchen.

Tackles grease and food mess in pots and pans, on my stove, on my counter, on my cabinets. The scrubber side works well but isn’t going to mess with your finishes. The soft side is super-super-duper (that’s the scientific term) absorbent. I love the fact that Pura Naturals guarantees their sponges will stay fresh even with heavy use without requiring santization. I’m a habitual sanitizer of sponges – in the microwave, in the dishwasher, or by pouring boiling water on them. I think it was a habit neuroses passed along to me by my dear Mom. While I still might splash some hot water on this sponge occasionally – it has been holding up really well but doesn’t hold on to gross odors.

Check them out on Grommet or look for them in your local stores. I have my eye on the ‘regular’ Household Sponge next, though I’m not sure I’ll be able to live without the scrubber now that it’s in my life.

The Pura Naturals sponges I like best aren’t infused with soap but they also make a bunch of sponges that are already filled with all-natural soap flakes. Perfect for camping!

The nice people at Pura Naturals sent me some sponges to test out in my home but this post is 100% my opinion. If you need proof that I use this sponge daily, we can set up a video conference 😉

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