Green, Clean Home: Part Two (Magic Cleaning Spray)

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This recipe is based on lots you can find on the internet or passed down from grandparents. Many people swear by just one or two of the ingredients in this spray. I find that this mix is the most effective for the most messes in my home from scuffs on the walls to messy kitchen and bathroom counter tops to spot-treating floors.

In an effort to cut down on plastic in my home, and because I think it somehow helps the efficacy of the spray mixture, I use glass spray bottles. You can buy them on eBay* or Amazon, or SUPER TOP SECRET TIP >>> you can reuse (well-rinsed) glass Apple Cider Vinegar bottles! Then either buy spray tops on eBay* or Amazon, or reuse tops from other spray bottles. If you reuse a spray top from another product, you must clean and rinse it very thoroughly. If you don’t, there may be unintended reactions between the old product and this mixture. Some chemicals don’t play nice!

non toxic all purpose DIY spray cleaner

I eyeball this recipe now, but here are the basic ratios that work for me:

1 cup distilled (boiled) water, still warm but not scalding
1 cup distilled white vinegar
1 teaspoon (one small squirt) dish soap
+ Optional:
1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide
10-20 drops of lemon, orange or tangerine essential oil

Swirl the water and vinegar together. Then add the dish soap, swirl to combine. Add the hydrogen peroxide and voilá, you have an effective natural all-purpose cleaning spray! Safe to use around children and pets.

Let me know if you use this recipe at home and how it works for you!

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