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Green, Clean Home Part Three: AMAZING Sink and Tub Cleaner

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Welcome to part three! Sink and tub basins can get pretty gross, and they can seem hard to fully clean, even with toxic cleansers. I feel like I’ve probably tried everything from toxic cleaners to expensive natural sprays from the health food store but this little recipe and a little elbow grease is my go-so solution for sinks and tubs. Continue reading “Green, Clean Home Part Three: AMAZING Sink and Tub Cleaner”

Where Have I Been?

It’s been pretty quiet on, but here are some other places I’ve been on the world wide web recently… (click through the images to go to the posts!) Continue reading “Where Have I Been?”

Unique Gifts Under $40 for Women and Teens

The holidays are over but it seems like I have a never-ending calendar of special events and birthdays that require cute gifts. I’m always on the hunt for unique, high-quality pieces that I think the women in my life would be happy to receive. Keep a few of these gifts on hand and avoid the typical rush-out-to-a-random-store-and-buy-a-candle situation. All of these picks are Made in America … Continue reading Unique Gifts Under $40 for Women and Teens

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2014 Gift Guide: Made in Vermont

Vermont is filled with entrepreneurs, makers and artisans of all kinds. The state is also home to historic companies that have been flying the “Made in USA” flag for many years. Find gifts on this list for everyone – kids, coworkers, friends and special someones. These gifts can be purchased online from anywhere in the world, but I hope they also inspire you to take … Continue reading 2014 Gift Guide: Made in Vermont

Travel Essential: Weekender Bags

Tis the season for weekend travel! Weekender bags are designed for, you guessed it, holding as much as you need for a weekend away. I use this style for personal and professional travel, as does my husband. Typically in a travel duffel or large tote style, these bags marry gorgeous form and ideal function. While the traditional weekender style includes one large compartment with perhaps … Continue reading Travel Essential: Weekender Bags

5 All-Natural Ways to Avoid Winter Colds and Flu

First, this post is about being pro-active to avoid colds and the flu. Stay tuned to Meredith Tested for ways I combat sickness once it’s INSIDE THE HOUSE. Duhn duhn duhnnnn. I used to be one of those people who got every single cold/flu that went around. Now I plow through winter with way less bouts of sickness. When you go to school or an … Continue reading 5 All-Natural Ways to Avoid Winter Colds and Flu

Anniversary Celebration + Signature Cocktail Recipes

This week I celebrated one year married (and nearly 10 years together, wow) to my husband! In some ways our wedding feels so far away, especially considering the new baby on the way, but I can also remember the planning and celebrating like it was yesterday. I can practically feel the butterflies and excitement I had as I was getting ready, and the huge outpouring … Continue reading Anniversary Celebration + Signature Cocktail Recipes