unique gift ideas for kids

2014 Gift Guide: Cool stuff for kids

unique gift ideas for kids

I know “kids” is a broad category – a 3 year old and an 11 year old probably aren’t going to be psyched to get the same types of presents. While I know most kids would be happy with an iTunes or GooglePlay gift card, here are some fun ideas to get kids of all ages off their screens.

Deluxe Bubble Wand Kit, $29.
Two activities in one – first, bend copper wire to make a unique wand. Next, make some bubbles! It’s a unique craft that families can do together. Arterro has a bunch of other kits you may want to check out from bookmaking to jewelry design ($22-$29.)

Pizza Parlor, $17.
What kid doesn’t love playing with fake food? Get them set up with their own pizza parlor for hours of imaginative play. Made in the USA from 100 percent recycled milk jugs.

Stuffed Penguin, $26.
I mean, just stop it with the adorableness. Handmade in Peru, fair trade.
The Little Market Penguin. 16377
InRoad PlayTape, $8 – 13.
Let the road (and their imagination) go anywhere with this cool tape that creates a road or railroad tracks.

You’ve Been Sentenced Board Game, $17.
Fun to play with older kids. Great for anyone who loves words, or who wants to improve their grammar skills and expand their vocabulary. I’m making it sound boring but trust me, it’s a blast!

Books, $5 -20.
I love giving books to kids. If you have a local bookstore (or the kid you’re buying for has one near them), grab a gift card or confirm their return policy and pick up a few chapter books that they can return for credit if they’ve already read them. Kids of all ages love reading books whether it’s with their parents or if they like to read by themselves. If you’re not sure what kind of books the kid you’re buying for will like, a book of facts/how things work or joke books usually go over well. Optical illusions, easy magic tricks or “kitchen science” books are also usually safe bets.

Is it hard for you to find cool gifts for kids?

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