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Most popular posts of 2016

Here are the most popular posts on in 2016 based on your views and feedback! Thanks for your readership, friendship and support. Cheers to a great 2017 filled with more posts about zero waste, minimalism, and eco-friendly living.


In many ways, I write this blog for myself. I like to get my thoughts and ideas on paper, and I do refer back to previous posts to remind myself of things that worked and what I was thinking about a particular topic.

Ultimately, sharing my life/advice/experiences/mistakes with you is the goal, and I’m grateful to everyone I’ve connected with through this site and via social media.

  1. Plastic-free, zero waste water filtration 
  2. Zero waste travel tips
  3. The Simply Co. zero waste laundry detergent review
  4. Zero Waste at Costco?
  5. My cloth diapering set up

Bonus – here are a few posts from previous years that continue to gain lots of attention. You never know if things you share on the internet will be well received, and I’m so glad these posts continue to be helpful even years after they were originally published.

Natural Birth Hospital Bag Packing List
Book review: It Starts With Food
Third Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

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