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Friday Finds: August 21, 2015

Hey hey, it’s Friday! Celebrate with a dance break. And then scroll down and check out all the cool, interesting stuff I found for you around the web!

This quote, you guys. It’s EVERYTHING:

I know you don’t want to hear this, but here it is, courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine: The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here

You can take away my pizza but you can’t take away my spirit

Caru Skincare is ahhhhmazing. Pemberley Jones is having a SALE! Run, don’t walk.

I’m not a huge fan of throwing red paint on people but it’s true that the PETA folks get attention and get sh*t done sometimes. Case in point.

5 thoughts on “Friday Finds: August 21, 2015

  1. I’m loving the Joey dance break! And yep, climate change is getting insane. We had a hailstorm last week in the middle of an 80-degree day. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Hope you have a hail-free, gluten-free weekend!

    1. The King Arthur GF Flour is my favorite! I pretty much don’t use GF flour anymore. I typically use coconut, arrowroot and almond (sometimes cashew) in recipes. Definitely not as versatile as the 1-for-1 GF flours, though! Good luck – I’ve heard that the FODMAPs parameters are tough but work well for a lot of people!

      1. I was looking at Paleo & FODMAPs together, but it was way too restrictive. For some reason I’m still having digestive issues when I eat about 90% Paleo. I also use coconut and almond flours, but am looking at bringing some other flours into the mix, so I don’t feel so deprived/frustrated.

      2. Makes sense! It’s a long process but we’ve all got to 1) figure out what works for us 2) do/eat what works for us – with the occasional slip, of course. I find myself pushing the boundaries sometimes because feeling deprived is SO ANNOYING …and when my stomach aches/head aches/low energy return, I may huff and puff but always end up right back on the (pretty restrictive) diet I’ve worked out for myself.

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