Top 5 Non-toxic, green, eco-friendly, organic, healthy makeup tutorials //

Top 5 Non-Toxic Beauty Videos

Top 5 YouTube Organic Non-Toxic Makeup Tutorials I love watching makeup, skincare and general beauty tutorials on YouTube. Techniques and products can really spring to life through videos, IMHO. Here are my top 5 favorite makeup tutorials for anyone interested in non-toxic, natural, eco-friendly and organic makeup.

Bonus: One of my favorite makeup YouTubers is Annie Jaffrey – she seems so sweet, right? She recently started exploring the world of organic, non-toxic makeup and beauty so hopefully we’ll see more on this subject from her soon!

Slightly embarrassing story >>> When I first started exploring the world of non-toxic beauty, I couldn’t find a lot because I kept searching for “natural makeup” videos, and what popped up was a lot of toxic makeup applied to make the person look natural. Whoopsies. One of the many reasons the word “natural” is not a great descriptor, whomp whomp.

I’m always on the lookout for new YouTubers to follow and videos to watch. Which ones are your favorite?

xo, Meredith

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