5 Simple Quotes to Contemplate

I like short quotes because they unpack and uncover solutions to complicated things in a simple and pleasing way. Life is complicated. It’s hard to escape from the web of external pressures, internal pressures, wants, needs, motivations, and obligations we all experience on a daily basis. If we can have a few minutes of clear contemplation because we read a good quote, I say that’s time well spent. Here are a few quotes that I’ve enjoyed recently.

A healthy attitude is contagious quote, from MeredithTested.wordpress.com

Quote about making choices, from MeredithTested.wordpress.com

Quote about seeing beauty, from MeredithTested.wordpress.com

Dr. Seuss quote, from MeredithTested.wordpress.com

5 Simple Quotes to Contemplate, from MeredithTested.wordpress.comWhat is it about quotes that are so powerful? Put some words in a pretty box and boom, you’re feeling inspired, thoughtful, energized, wistful or just plain emotional.

Want more? Check out this post with a few of my favorite simple mantras. 

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