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Four things we did before committing to #ZeroWaste2016

While we definitely jumped right in to attempting a zero waste home, there were a few big steps my family took over the last few years that made the transition to reducing our waste a lot easier. We made a lot of changes in our home when we fully committed to going zero waste in 2016, but we weren’t necessarily starting at “square one.”

Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle quote

Here are the four things we did in the past few years that helped our journey to a zero waste home:

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It Starts With Food Whole30 Review //

Book Review: “It Starts With Food”

Here are the basics: It Starts With Food (or buy on eBay*) by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig outlines why some foods make some people sick in various ways – inflammation, stomach/gut issues, skin problems, etc. Then they offer a solution: an elimination diet called Whole30 where you eat meat, fruit, veggies and healthy fats (avocado, coconut oil, olives). No sugar (or alcohol), grains of any kind, … Continue reading Book Review: “It Starts With Food”