Zero Waste Whole 30 Recipes

My husband and I are currently in the middle of a Zero Waste Whole 30. We’re trying to complete the challenge without producing very much landfill or food waste. First check out my tips on how to shop for a Whole 30, zero waste style. Once you figure out which stores in your area will allow you to bring your own bags and containers, you can … Continue reading Zero Waste Whole 30 Recipes

Reduce your trash and food waste during your Whole 30 with these 10 tips!

Whole 30 Grocery Shopping…Zero Waste Style

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Today we’re shopping for a Whole 30, but this is how we grocery shop all the time to reduce our household garbage. These ten tips will help you reduce the amount of food packaging you bring home … and then have to throw out.

Read about the “Zero Waste Whole 30” I’m doing this month here.  Yes, I’m doing another Whole 30. I know. But it’s because I love it. #cantstopwontstop

To find local stores in your area that have a bulk section, visit the Zero Waste Home Bulk App (mobile and desktop-friendly.)

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Complete a Whole 30 with Meredith and learn how to reduce your food waste and garbage!

#ZeroWasteWhole30 Starts May 1, 2016 – Join Me!

Join me for a May Whole 30 … zero waste (or low waste) style!  You do not have to commit to zero waste to join in. Let’s support each other through a Whole 30 and share ways that we can reduce our waste throughout. I’m doing a Whole 30 starting May 1, 2016. Join me and let’s share our favorite tips, recipes, and ways to complete … Continue reading #ZeroWasteWhole30 Starts May 1, 2016 – Join Me!

It Starts With Food Whole30 Review //

Book Review: “It Starts With Food”

Here are the basics: It Starts With Food (or buy on eBay*) by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig outlines why some foods make some people sick in various ways – inflammation, stomach/gut issues, skin problems, etc. Then they offer a solution: an elimination diet called Whole30 where you eat meat, fruit, veggies and healthy fats (avocado, coconut oil, olives). No sugar (or alcohol), grains of any kind, … Continue reading Book Review: “It Starts With Food”