Green Beauty Inspiration From The 2014 Emmys

The clothes! The makeup! The sorta-witty banter on the red carpet! The kinda-funny jokes! Sounds like a big awards show. Here are my picks for the top beauty looks from the 2014 Emmys last night … and the green, non-toxic makeup I’d use to recreate their looks. Capture that Amy Poehler glow with Alima Pure Bronzer, $20. p.s. Check out this awesome post by Kimberly … Continue reading Green Beauty Inspiration From The 2014 Emmys

Stylish #MadeinUSA Picks from Anthropologie

I love finding Made in America (and fair trade) products at major retailers. While it’s awesome to support small, local businesses, I also like supporting American-made brands sold at larger stores so that the retailers get the message and the “masses” can continue to access these great products/makers. Here are my picks for items currently on Anthro’s website: Glass Milk Bottles, $34 How cute are … Continue reading Stylish #MadeinUSA Picks from Anthropologie

Holiday Style Formula from, tips for holiday parties, how to dress on Christmas

Holiday Style Formula

Holiday Style Formula from, tips for holiday parties, how to dress on Christmas

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This is the post where I reveal my go-to holiday outfit and makeup. Basically this is what I wear to family gatherings, not necessarily the office party. OK, probably the office party, too. This outfit and makeup is designed to be unfussy so you can easily go from rolling around on the floor with your 2 year old niece to sitting with the grown-ups gossiping over a cocktail.

Reasons behind my “formula” are basically two-fold:

1. I don’t want to go out a buy a new outfit just for the occasion because I am trying to live better with less, and this time of year money always seems to be tight, no matter how well you plan.

2. I want my day to be focused on spending time with family and friends playing games, watching movies, chatting, sledding, recovering from sledding, baking cookies, and whatever else we dream up. I don’t want to be tugging/adjusting my outfit all day or feel like I need to touch up my makeup every 5 seconds.

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