Family life in the time of COVID-19: Our flexible daily rhythm

  1. I traced a magnatile onto thin cardboard – cereal and pasta boxes work well – but you could use any size and shape you want.
  2. My kids painted and colored on each of the squares.
  3. I made my own page of icons and text labels for the general activities we will do daily. I am giving these printables away for free to anyone who wants them! See below to download.
  4. I cut out the icons and labels. Certainly could have kids do this but my kids were asleep for the night by the time I was at this stage.
  5. Glue the icons and labels onto the cards. I had my kids help with this, they loved being a part of it. It gave them some ownership over the schedule too.
  6. We used magnets to hang the cards in order on the fridge. You could use a bulletin board or washi tape to put it up on a wall.
  7. Lastly, we made an arrow that we can move through the schedule throughout the day. It’s another visual cue to let us know where we are now and what is coming next.

One of our favorite parts of our day is “The Jar.” On the first day home, I sat down with my kids (5 years old and 3 years old) and we came up with a list of things we like to do at home, things we want to try, and things we want to learn about. So far we’re at 68 things and counting. We wrote the corresponding numbers on pieces of paper, cut them out and put them in a jar. Now when we get to that part of our daily flow, we pick a number and get to do that thing.

Please join me in the comments if you want to share how you and your family is doing during this time at home. I’d also love to hear if you implement this or any other daily rhythm that works for you. Also join me on Instagram @meredithtested. We’re all in this together.

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