5 Great Videos on Going Zero Waste

I have some thoughts that will make their way into a different post dedicated to the subject of the definition of zero waste, but I think it’s important to share with those who may not be familiar with the lifestyle that the words “zero waste” (or on social media #zerowaste) have come to represent a shorthand for all kinds of people and families trying to:

  • Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot (compost)
  • Reduce trash/garbage/waste
  • Live plastic free
  • Live with less plastic
  • Move towards the goal of “zero” waste
  • Live eco-friendly without disposable, single-use items
  • Limit their production of garbage or trash
  • Limit anything disposable (including items that can be recycled)

Simply put: Zero-waste living means aiming to reduce landfill-bound trash to the bare minimum.

Here are a few videos I’ve found on “going zero waste” – great if you’d like a bit of an overview on what zero waste looks like in the real world. 

Hope you enjoyed these videos! Do you have other video, article or book recommendations on how to reduce our personal waste/trash/garbage? Share in the comments, email me meredithtested@gmail.com or leave me a comment on Instagram or Twitter

xo, Meredith

2 thoughts on “5 Great Videos on Going Zero Waste

    1. Love it! Plastic wrap and plastic bags are so hard to give up! But, if you just stop buying them, you’ll come up with alternatives pretty quickly because you realize what you actually used it for and what you have on hand that’s reusable.

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