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Happy New Year and Top Posts of 2015

2015 was amazing – it’s too amazing to try and think about all the amazingness. Like thinking of the stars in the galaxy. Whoa, man! Slow down – too much awesome!

Lets look back at Meredith Tested favorites in 2015. I’m so appreciative of every reader, commenter, reply on Twitter, like on Instagram! Thank you so much!

  1. Drugstore Finds: Non-toxic Beauty and Skincare (Look for a 2.0 post on this subject in 2016!)
  2. Second Trimester Pregnancy Essentials (This post is from 2014 but it was still wildly popular – as are my first trimester and third trimester posts!)
  3. Natural Birth Hospital Packing List
  4. Five Simple Quotes to Contemplate
  5. Baby-Friendly Jewelry
  6. Review: Badger Damascus Rose Face Oil
  7. Review: Ursa Major Skincare
  8. Unique Gifts Under $40 for Women
  9. Postpartum Essentials (the “4th Trimester”)
  10. Favorite USA-Made Baby Items

In 2016 I am pledging to go “zero waste” and will be updating this blog with my experiences. But wait – this isn’t going to be a blog entirely about this journey, at least at first.I’ve been testing out some great stuff the past few months and I want to share my reviews. I’ll also be continuing with my typical posts for a while since I have quite a few green beauty reviews, skincare reviews, USA-made gift guides, recipes, book reviews and more already in the works! I’m not going to try to be everything for everyone but this blog has always been a mash-up so I am going to try to stay true to myself and my interests in testing (and sharing feedback on) healthy stuff. Perhaps things will be a little “messy” at first … a skincare review of a product packaged in plastic one day and a round-up of plastic-free shopping tips the next. But that’s real life – not always perfect.

Happy New Year 2015 and Cheers to the blank slate that is 2016!


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