Friday Finds from the Meredith Tested blog

Friday Finds: August 14, 2015

You guys, it’s FRIDAY! That means many of us have two whole days coming up where we don’t have to pay attention to nagging work to do lists and emails. Wahoo!

If you’re new here, be warned: my Friday Finds posts are totally random and on a wide variety of topics but usually slightly connected to the Meredith Tested mission to promote healthy stuff. Check out some fun things I’ve been reading, watching, or just enjoying this week:

Hysterical: Are you addicted to your phone?

Small steps add up! Here are 10 easy ways you can get into the ‘Zero Waste Movement’ … I did #1 just now!

This is an amazing tattoo. All the feels: Dad Gets the Sweetest Tattoo.

For some reason I get all excited over real world learning applications like this. I think it is so important that schools (whether it’s preschool or university) are grounded in their communities. After Katrina, Tulane’s Architecture School Became A Community Builder. 

It’s no secret that I love fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi (kimchee?). Here’s why they’re healthy from the Paleo Mom.


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