American-Made Stationery

I know, we all love smartphones and computers to connect with family and friends. Duh. Click, click, click, done!

But, whether it’s a “thank you” or “just because,” a card is fun to write and fun to receive. Sure, texts, emails and phone calls work for most things, but there’s a freedom and spontaneity that comes with writing on a piece of paper. Maybe that scares you (what do I write?? ahh!) but I find it’s best to let it flow. My tips: try writing in your speaking voice (talk aloud if you want!), start off by transcribing a quote or poem, or start with a story (a memory or recent event).

I look for fun Made in America cards everywhere – online, in local shops, bookstores, Tjmaxx, even the natural grocery store! Inspired to get pen to paper and let your friends and family know you’re thinking of them? Check out these designs!


Tattly – Send an unexpected surprise with your card, a temporary tattoo! My pick: Oh, hello.

Antoinette Social Stationery Set

Rifle Paper Co. – Printed in the USA, Anne’s card designs (like the above card set) are whimsical and high-quality.

Lemon Yellow Bordered Note

Crane & Co. – You’ll find timeless, high-end designs from Crane & Co. I love the cheerful yellow border on these.

Turquoise Spin Floral Card

Happy Cactus Designs – Bright colors, fun drawings and unique designs abound! These turquoise floral cards could work for lots of different occasions.

Do you like sending (or receiving) cards in the mail?

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