I’m trying to fill my life with only healthy and responsible things, but I still have some “leftovers” from my life before I embarked on this journey.meredith tested blog clean slate

Making a commitment to a new lifestyle can be way easier when you start with a clean slate. But, what if making room for a clean slate means unceremoniously and possibly unnecessarily throwing out the vestiges of your old life/style?

I think there should be a happy medium. Instead of grabbing a huge trash bag and tossing everything in your pantry to make way for new, healthier foods, why not donate anything that’s unopened to a local charity? Obviously we don’t want to be in the business of promoting unhealthy choices to people in need, but it is less wasteful than throwing those items away. Same goes for clothing – instead of tossing away that glittery crop top that was 1) Made in China and 2) Doesn’t fit your style, why not donate it? And those clothing items that have holes in them can be ripped into rags for cleaning if they’re made of natural fibers and/or re-styled into dog toys, simple draw-string bags or pillows/pillow stuffing. Rags are probably the easiest so I’ll probably go that route.

So… do I use up the old stuff or toss it/compost it/recycle it?

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