Here’s the Key to Reducing Your Household or Office Waste

I don’t want to keep things from you, friend. I don’t want you to think that reducing your waste is some pie-in-the-sky ridiculous thing that only people with tons of time on their hands would ever attempt. Anyone – that means you – is capable of cutting down on the trash you produce in your home, office or out there in the world where you … Continue reading Here’s the Key to Reducing Your Household or Office Waste

Two months of living zero waste

Two months down! I’m feeling like we’re really in a good place … to tweak everything. We’ve spent the past few months figuring out the basics, and now we can hone and really put systems (and products/attitudes/schedules) in place to keep this little zero waste family grooving for the longer term.

We weren’t exactly flying by the seat of our pants in January and February, but kind of. (Side note: we’re parents to a toddler so basically every day is just “winging it and hoping it works!”) We go to the supermarket more often than we probably could, and we also tend to bring more bags/containers than we need. Better to be overprepared, for sure, but I don’t like it to feel cumbersome.

First, a note on the trash jar. Yes, I’ve jumped right onto the jar bandwagon made popular by Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer. It’s a standard way of showcasing this lifestyle and I’m happy to be “typical” in this regard. Really happy. The landfill waste we produced in February fits in a f-ing jar. Wha?! I’m so psyched.

Of course, no joke on March 1 my husband got a package in the mail just positively filled with plastic trash… but that’s for next month’s post (and jar) to deal with.

Without further ado, here’s our trash JAR from February!

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