Third Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

*This post contains affiliate links and I might receive a small commission. Home strrrrrretch! Wahhhoooooooooo! Yes, I think it’s totally okay if you turn into a woo girl at this point (minus the taking shots of vodka part, obvi.) I love the third trimester for lots of reasons not the least of which is that you probably actually look nice and pregnant at this point … Continue reading Third Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

“Inter-nesting” (aka my top websites for preparing for baby)

I’m officially coining the phrase “inter-nesting” (…Internet + nesting? Gosh I love it) … It’s how the nesting/preparing-for-baby instinct can manifest in the 21st century. Sure, you might fold blankets and get the crib ready, too, but hours spent online reading about baby gear and advice from other parents is awesome. And less messy than painting. Here are the sites I visited over and over … Continue reading “Inter-nesting” (aka my top websites for preparing for baby)