What to take on a weekend trip - minimal packing list

Weekend Trip – Minimalist Packing List

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If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I went to Chicago for the weekend to attend my friends beautiful wedding. I got a few questions about what I brought in my small backpack, so I’ve laid it all out. Everyone’s bag and needs are different but this worked really well for me.

First, a few tips for minimalist packing, no matter how long you’ll be gone:

  • Find out what is available to you at your destination. If you’re staying with family and friends, can you use their washing machine? If you’ll be at a hotel, do they have a washer/dryer or other amenities available to you? For example, I stayed at The Freehand in Chicago which offers a full kitchen (with real, reusable plates/cutlery!) and laundry facilities to guests.
  • Build a miniature capsule wardrobe (even if you don’t use one in your day-to-day life.) Think about what you can re-wear throughout your trip, especially for loungewear and travel days. Think about layering pieces that will work under/over multiple outfits. Unless you’re traveling for fashion week, chances are you don’t need to worry about wearing different looks head-to-toe each day.
  • Shoes take up a lot of space. If you aren’t minimal anywhere else, be ruthless about choosing footwear that is versatile and that you’ll actually use.
  • Focus on multi-use items in terms of toiletries and makeup. If at home you use a day cream, night cream, eye cream, facial oils and more, consider paring down to the most versatile item. I chose to bring a small container of argan oil that I could use on my face, hair and on my hands and body as needed.

Weekend Trip Away - A Minimalist's Packing List

This photo was taken the night before I left, with my phone. Not the highest quality but hopefully it gives enough of a peek at what I packed.

Here are details on what I brought with me for my two night vacation:

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