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2013 Gift Guide: Last Minute Presents

Tis the season for giving gifts to loved ones near and far. I love picking out presents for my husband, sisters, nieces and nephews, and friends. But sometimes I get caught missing a gift for a particular person. Instead of freaking out and running back and forth around your house pulling your hair out (don’t worry, I already did enough of that for the both … Continue reading 2013 Gift Guide: Last Minute Presents

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2013 Gift Guide: High-end

When you make a commitment to live mindfully and shop with quality, longevity and multi-function in mind, sometimes the cost can (rightfully) creep up there. If your budget allows, gifting one of these incredible items is sure to make the recipient ecstatic. We all may have different definitions of “luxury” (I even have different opinions depending on the situation), but here are my current ideas … Continue reading 2013 Gift Guide: High-end