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Friday Finds 2/28/14

February is only 2-3 days shorter than the typical month but I swear it just ZOOMs by every year. It’s MARCH tomorrow. What?! Stop. This map above shows which languages other than English or Spanish are spoken in major U.S. cities! Cool! Because I went to UW-Madison, I have to share this: “No. Badgers.”  (and yes I’m still upset that they broke up.Waah.) Another way … Continue reading Friday Finds 2/28/14

Friday Finds: 2/21/2014

Hey, hey! It’s Friday! Let’s welcome the weekend by checking out some cool stuff: Just came across this lovely e-commerce site Moorea Seal. Everything’s made in America and they support charities with every order. I’m sold. A few examples of their wares: Good advice on Navigating the Eco-Fashion World Our Own Worst Enemy: When women keep women from leading  Apparently bike lanes are not a … Continue reading Friday Finds: 2/21/2014

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Short-Term Diet or Long-Term Lifestyle Change?

Being a mindful and conscious consumer can be hard sometimes. There are incredible, affordable options out there for everything from shampoo to t-shirts that align with my beliefs (ethically made, useful, non-toxic) but I sometimes find myself lusting after gorgeous brand-name grocery items/purses/lipsticks/yoga pants. I might get pretty far down the road towards purchase or consumption before I “catch” myself and am reminded think more … Continue reading Short-Term Diet or Long-Term Lifestyle Change?