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Eco-friendly home update: Cloth napkins

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Why buy and use cloth napkins in your home or during an event?

If you’re taking small steps to reduce your waste and make your home more eco-friendly, or you just want to take the trash out less often, this post is for you. An easy, inexpensive and painless step is to start using cloth napkins!


Your guests will think you’re being fancy and stylish, but you will know you’re being frugal and a friend to the environment. And, let’s face it, cloth napkins are way more effective at cleaning up spills than their flimsy paper counterparts.

Cloth napkins can be found in so many colors, styles and price points, you can certainly find something that fits with your lifestyle. Get them monogrammed if you want, choose napkins that are simple and timeless, or get them in a fun pattern*.

Another wonderful effect: Give a guest a paper napkin and they might go through several during one visit. But rarely do people need more than one cloth napkin. It’s magic.

I keep a cloth napkin with me in my purse, too. I use it instead of paper napkins at restaurants, as a placement during picnics and as an impromptu container for leftover sandwich halfs or bagels my daughter inevitably doesn’t finish.

Cloth napkins are easy to maintain, too. Just throw them in your hamper and run them with your clothes in your next wash.


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